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  1. I have tried using LINDA and FSUIPC to program a button for the Master Caution light to be extinguished when I release the AP. In both LINDA and FSUIPC I have to press my button twice to get it to reset. When I use my mouse I only have to click it once. I've never had this problem until recent updates. I can't remember which update it was when it started not working correctly. I hope this is the proper place to post this as it relates to AP functions.
  2. hmmmmm, might wanna check the words written in red!
  3. On a side note I did see a bunch of places where night textures where overlaying the daytime textures. Could that have been caused by my scenery arrangements? I got things workin now though.
  4. That did it. I moved everything down from the top just above the AEC and LC at the bottom. Here's my CFG, everything look good there? My Anchorage now loads up properly. I used Lorby Addon manager to do it which worked out slick! scenery.cfg
  5. I am having an issue where I will install Anchorage and fly out. The scenery works fine then. I will exit the sim then fly back in to Anchorage the next day and half the scenery is there. I will have taxi markings with no runways or taxi ways. I will have dynamic lighting and default buildings with blurry tarmac textures. I've had to reinstall the scenery every time when reloading the sim. How do I go about fixing this problem. Oh and it even happens after I've installed new scenery not even related to Anchorage and I get the same results. When I install the scenery, I imidiately exit the configurator the original one came with. Then I drag the new configurator I downloaded the scenery from SimMarket run that then save and exit. This problem is getting annoying. I also have Orbx Southern Alaska installed and I have that checked on the new configurator file. Thanks for the help! I am running P3D V4.5
  6. When ever I retract flaps on take off with any airbus barber pole will not reset with flaps retracted. I've had to reset the flaps several times before getting it to reset.
  7. Thanks for the help. I did check everything and all was well. Sorry it took so long to reply. I did a flight today and some how it worked the way it was supposed to. I'll try emailing Jack about FSUIPC settings.
  8. On departure, with any of the airbuses. I set my flaps to 2. I take off like normal, pull the throttle back to CLB. Retract flaps to 1. All of a sudden flaps are fully extended. I have to use my mouse wheel to retract the flaps. Then the aircraft starts behaiving like there's something wrong. A/FLOOR is activated and the throttles stuck. I have to deactivate the A/TH then move the throttles back to CLB. Once I've moved the flaps back to 0 and reset, everything is normal again. FSUIPC flaps set to FSUIPC calibration. I've also tried FS as normal axis with the same result. I have even tried using the mouse wheel on the flaps to move them up and still they go full. Why does this happen?
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