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I am using the CRJ 900 and I often have an issue when planning my flight. For example I want to go from KDEN to KPHX so I enter both airports in the FLPN section of the FMS. Then I use simbrief.com to get the route which is: SMMUR2 DAAYE GUP EAGUL6

First in the DEP/ARR section I select runway ILS34L with SID SMMUR2.

Then In the next page I enter DAAYE waypoint which is a DIRECT one.

Then I enter GUP waypoint which is a DIRECT one.

Then I go to the DEP/ARR section and I select the arrival runway ILS26 with STAR EAGUL6.


Then I check my route for discontinuities. Indeed I see one between DIRECT-GUP and EAGUL6-JAGAL.


So I click on JAGAL button then I click on the blank button above it. What it does is strange because instead of getting DIRECT-GUP followed by EAGUL6-JAGAL, I get DIRECT-GUP followed by DIRECT-JAGAL.

So I lose EAGUL6...


I can I remove the discontinuity and keep EAGUL6-JAGAL together ?


Thank you

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Ok so I am able to resolve this issue by removing the discontinuity from the LEGS page and not the FPLN page. In Boeing aircrafts I use the RTE (=FPLN or CRJ plane) page that is why I am lost here :)

Hope it will help

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