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Heatrow double AFCAD or texture issue? maybe both? maybe something else?


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I have been flying a lot in London lately and founded this issue, has been really annoying and still cant find neither cause or solution.

those 2 may be very nice screenshots, but please look carefully at the Rwy, this happens in all 09L/R 27L/R for some reasons when I'm closing to the RWY appears like a default runway (without markings) above the scenery runway. I checked for another AFCAD files but find nothing, also checked for more files named EGLL  but again, nothing, this also happens while on ground. 
how is this set up? ORBX VECTOR+GLOBAL+OPEN LC Europe +ORBX England FTX (no way to run true earth). + Aerosoft EGLL everything on P3DV4.5 HF3
of course i also checkwd for compatibility on the ORBX England and check for EGLL compatibility, and also deleted all the EGLL files within the ORBX folders, but no joy. I also tried reisntalling the scenery and putting on top of the scenery library, but again, no joy

below the screenshots I'm letting video of a landing and you will clearly see the issue

thanks in advance for any idea or suggestion

if useful i'm letting my main specs here

w10 pro//i7-9700KF//RTX2060 //32GB//Z390



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How did you „putting the scenery on top of the scenery library“?

This is not possible by reinstalling the scenery, when the normal process is used. Sound to be a non regular use of the scenery.

Check the insertion point of your Orbx product settings and take care that is is set below all your airport addons, that is the only way to order the sceneries in P3D, not the scenery library.

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