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A330 - Checklist will not turn off

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Hi All,


Finally back in the A330 after a long time away. I've got the latest available version installed, and its running beautifully, however when I was pushing back at Heathrow, the checklist got stuck on engine start - so I went to turn it off, and its just flashing Green and will not turn off.


I am running P3D V4 if that helps.


Is there a way to force the checklist off now I am at Cruise? It would be nice to get it working for the descent again.



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

When the cchecklist doesnt proceed it means that a certain step has not been completed. This happens, when you miss something, or the checklist doesnt get triggered correctly. Normally the green bar in the simulator window shows you what do next. In some cases you might skip a item via the MCDU. IF it still doenst wokj after the update, show some screenshots of the corresponding checklist page in the MCDU, a screenshot of the sim window to see what the green bar tells and also of the upper ECAM.

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