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Mathijs Kok

Credit card payments inop (solved)

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As some used have found out, credit card payments on our shop do not function at this moment.  The reason is easy to guess, as many will have read in the newspapers, a major payment provider Wirecard, went bankrupt this week. And guess what we are using? Riiiiight.... The complete IT and legal staff is working on a new payment provider. But it needs contracts, new software, massive test etc etc. Let's put it this way, these peeps will not have a weekend.


Note that we want to use a payment provider because we do NOT want to know your credit card information. It's none of our business and what we do not have we can't loose. When you pay on our shop the only thing we get is a okay or not okay. And that is enough.  Because we do it that way, fixing this issue takes a bit longer than other shops that do take your credit card data might take.


Of course all other payment options remain available.

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