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DC-8 version 3 problem


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Hi Michael

The oscillation problem at CRZ has not been resolved in v3. As I said in another post, CRZ is very stable up to and including FL350. Once you go higher, the oscillating problem presents itself and is most annoying. Could you please look into this matter again - it's not linked to low speeds but to high altitudes. Would be much appreciated.



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Hi TrevorS....


I found info about this in AEROPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL DC-8  chapter "STANDARD PROCEDURES"



For all jet aircraft flying at high altitude, the damping of

the long period oscillations is rather weak, causing speed

and altitude variations which may result in difficulty in

maintaining an accurate flight path. Although the aircraft

is quite stable under all flying conditions, the autopilot

and the altitude control should be used for optimum per-



If You will take your tim to read more about this I have attached the page

and try the "Trim Procedure" if you dare...:))


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  • Developer

I discovered the issue for this and I'm giving you a link to a new file directly so you don't have to wait for this to go in the updater system and to get some feedback before it does.  Replace the logic.xml file in the panel/DC81 folder.  This is for P3D only -- I'll post the same for FSX in a moment.  As always, it's a good idea to back up the original just in case.


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