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MDCU CLs conflicts with Addon while Active??

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Hello Mates;

I had just experienced the strangest thing ever. For a while I have was seeking intensively for a solution to a existing conflict between the A330 and FS2 Crew to both operate properly in my Sim after aprx. 30 minutes into ground ops, the Sim will just crashed. Just yesterday after downloading the new updates for the AES 318-19-20-21, I decided to reinstalled the A330 once again  and gave a a try to flight it "with FS2 Crew activated", Surprisingly not only the Sim Pd3v4.5 did not crashed but also the all MDCU CL flows were not affected at all by FS2 Crew being activated, something that previously was not achieved.

Feeling excited about what just happened, I posted a feedback reply on another post here in the forum that the Crash and Addon issue looks like it was resolve because of the updates. Then, today after installing some A330 liveries and prep a flight  with the A330 again with the FS2Crew activated and the problem has returned once again (CL flow Got Stuck).

I had brought this issue to FS2 Crew Forum but seems like after some research from their part looks like that the root of the problem its still lays with AES it self. Today, I have thought for a moment that could be that the new downloaded liveries could have something to do with it? besides the 5 or 6 liveries already included during the main application installation? During yesterday's attempt I used one of them (Lufthansa) and today's flight attempt was with one of those new liveries installed (Delta). Any thoughts of what could be causing this problem please?



Fernando R.   

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I think I now know what causes that behaviour. It is related to the ECAM RECALL check - the next one after the APU FIRE TEST. For this test it is necessary that the Displays-Selftest is finished (app. after 40 seconds) and the  standards are displayed. To me it seems that after the C&D aircraft state has been loaded you are immediately starting the Cockpit Preparation CL. Normally before starting the CL the EXT PWR is set to ON, then the 3 batteries are set off and the NAV & LOGO as well as the STROBE light are set to AUTO = 1. Make sure that the displays selftest has been finished and then start the CL. 


I strongly advise to follow SOP and as well care for the CL - do not do something different when it is running - and maybe also use ViewFocus. Then you would have realized that when the ECAM lower screen is in selftest that the ECAM Recall check cannot be performed.   




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Hello Hanse;

Thanks for your feedback. I am not yet comprehend 100% but I will read your text again carefully and also consult with another buddy of mine Sim Enthusiast to see if he can guide me thru it. Will send feedback on outcome. I appreciative the effort and assistance my friend. Be Safe!



Fernando R.

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