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A330 New Built

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vor 18 Minuten, georgiosgiannoukos sagte:

Hi, thank you for the new built A330.

Question please. Do we need to uninstall the previous version and how please?


On 5.1.2020 at 16:17, DaveCT2003 sagte:

The more complex flight simulation becomes, the more one needs to do in order to ensure a good product re-installation. To assist with this, we are providing a Step-by-Step Guide for reinstalling the Airbus Professional products.


Attached is an Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) file which contains the procedure for uninstalling and reinstalling Airbus Professional product(s).


Best wishes!


Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure.pdf 458 kB · 779 downloads





Check out this post for the proper and complete reinstall procedure. 


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11 minutes ago, georgiosgiannoukos said:

Thank you. Have done it as instructed.

Problem FIRST


master switch ON, FLAP OPEN

APU START doesn’t operate At all 

Please Advise




If it's not too much trouble, we ask that  you create a separate topic for separate topics.  I know, and I trult understand it's easier and faster to post on an existing topic however the reason we ask this is so that thread topics (subject line) will remain germane to the content, which helps people to find information when they search our forums.


First, try and reboot (always important after an install).  If that doesn't resolve the issue and you used the reinstall procedure step by step then please open a new topic for the issue you're having.


Thanks for understanding!


Best wishes!


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