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  1. Hi Mark thank you for your investigation. Would you mind to inform here about the answer of Navigraph support? I noticed this issue on other airports as well but initially thought about a bug of the A330. I think it happened to me in HTDA. Kind regards, Remo
  2. In my opinion yes. Also the FCOM of the A330 says that with the WPT p/b ALL other than the active flightplan waypoints will be displayed (in magenta). Affirm. I have seen that on jumpseat flights in the real A330 before.
  3. Hey everybody As I am currently cruising from Boston to Zurich I just did a north atlantic crossing on a predefined track. According to my flight plan I created some pilot waypoints to be aware when I start ETOPS and to see my calculated ETP’s of my OFP. So, as I entered the oceanic area I set the EFIS to WPT to show me the waypoints and in my opinion the stored pilot waypoints should have been visible as well. However, neither the standard programmed waypoints like e.g 5540N nor my created pilot waypoints were visible. Every other waypoint outside the oceanic area, e.g VEBIT near
  4. Hi Check out this post for the proper and complete reinstall procedure. Remo
  5. Hello I wonder if those requests / proposals were noticed by an Aerosoft developer. If yes, an answer would be highly appreciated. I recently read a thread about the implementation of a correct FLEX model and may be that the reduction in climb thrust, which by the way is entered in the PERF CLB page of the MCDU, could be added as well. Thanks, Remo
  6. Neither did my engine sound increase and A.FLOOR was not visible (but IDLE flashing on E/W display was). I have FSUIPC installed but don`t have any profile created for the A330 nor for any other aircraft.
  7. I had the same problem yesterday and could not disconnect the GPU. I tried it several times. After landing I selected a instant replay and there the GPU was not visible anymore. But as soon as instant replay was finished the GPU was there again... Kind regards, Remo
  8. Dear Aerosoft team, First of all thank you so much for your work on the very long anticipated A330. In regards of visuals, sounds and animations it`s in my opinion outstanding. And most parts of normal ops are working already pretty good. I have two proposals / requests which you might consider for a future update: 1) It is a normal procedure in many airlines to climb with a derated climb thrust to extend engine life and reduce the, sometimes, high climb rate. Especially with light A330`s. There is the possibility to choose between two predefined derated cl
  9. Good morning, I had a similar experience yesterday during descent into Manchester. I hit a zone of light to moderate turbulence and suddenly the IAS started to increase like hell. I talk about an airspeed increase of 50 knots upwards. A/THR set to off, IDLE thrust confirmed, speed brakes full out and I couldn`t reduce the speed. After a few minutes situation became normal again without any changes to my settings. I did never experience such a behaviour of any aircraft in P3D before. Kind regards, Remo
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