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  1. georgiosgiannoukos


    Hello, I just downloaded the new updated version. I just install it on the top of the previous. Is that correct? Also updated the nav data from Navi graph. Looks ok All aircraft templates gone why? please advise Geo
  2. georgiosgiannoukos

    Bergamo Professional

    Hello and thank you so much for your reply. Couldn’t be better instructions as this . thank you!!!!!!!
  3. georgiosgiannoukos

    Bergamo Professional

    Hello, with the updated version of Pergamo prof follow a zip SODE file. Thete is instructions of how to install it BUT sorry I can not understand how to do it. Someone please to explain me in more easy and the simple way how to install it Please? Thank you George
  4. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    Thank you Sir, hotfix 1.28 done and now I have the file there it belongs Thank you so much George
  5. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    Yea is a fresh installation for P3d in D: SSD drive the flight plans are correct in pmdg flightplan folder no problems with that only the plight plan witch I need for AS4 doesn’t end to the p3d file folder
  6. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    What I’m doing wrong I don’t know, what hotfix? cant understand, why the flightplan doesn’t end to the p3d folders file as I write the path?
  7. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    Look my doc P3D files thats what exist
  8. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    I’m on the PC now and unfortunately the file can’t be saved in doc P3D files. please look those two fotos I send u. The reason I want that file (flight plan) is to use it for AS4 weather engine. Without it I can not load the flight into AS George
  9. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    I will try this and let u know, thank u
  10. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    Hello, yes always as admin.
  11. georgiosgiannoukos

    PFPX P3D4.3

    Hi, can’t export the flightplan to P3D files folder. Just reinstalled win 10 and p3d4. As before had no problem. I insert correct destination path but nothing goes to there. no issues to export to QW787 and PMDG 737 NGX Please help George
  12. georgiosgiannoukos

    Mega Airport Heathrow P3D4.3

    Yes for P3d 4.3
  13. georgiosgiannoukos

    Mega Airport Heathrow P3D4.3

    Hi, I installed Heathrow as admin but the confiqurator doesn’t open Any solution? George
  14. georgiosgiannoukos

    EDDM P3D 4.2 Jetways

    Jetways doesn’t work either animated or manually. Have latest version of SODE please advise Geo
  15. georgiosgiannoukos

    Scenery updates