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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. Always using latest, updating as soon as they release it. Much better what you mean? No change since previous update exp 5
  2. Hi, problems problems, Top of descent set, final approach fix 3000 set. Distance 103 NM. So suddenly shows on MCDU T/D 030 Dist 1334 NM. Whats that? Can’t understand this malfunction. Please Advise Georgios
  3. Hi, my Airbus view system is disabled, had CTD while changing view with no other reason. Anyway mine is parked until is completely updated and able to fly. example, had 10 NM to Top of descent and the MCDU showing 236NM. Altitude indicator was engaged even when captured the pre selected final approach fix. No way, can’t fly with this any more. Geo
  4. Hello and Happy Holidays. How can I setup so the OFP from PFPX can shown on the EFB? Georgios
  5. Approach fix still engaged, captured ILS descending, so strange
  6. Hello, I have followed your advise sir but the aircraft has problems. Destination LDDU - LDZA nFL 200 Distance 231 NM for unknown reason as you see in the foto changed t FL030 with a TOD distance 1962 NM Something is going wrong with the systems
  7. Appreciate, now I know, thank you Georgios
  8. I truly appreciate your advise, I will have a look, thank you Georgios
  9. Yes was on replay and at the end while press esc and unpaused the sim, the aircraft got uncontrolled and I don’t know
  10. Hi again, Thank you for your express reply my friend, happened before taxiing and while fuel track was refueling. Georgios
  11. Hi, unexpected CTD for second time. Please have a look at the event Georgios
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