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  1. Hello and thank you for the reply. Yes it was on Marketplace and obviously I should never purchase again. I better choose Aerosoft website. Still get CTD while asking for pushback. Anyway now while I know I must wait for the update through Marketplace. Thank you
  2. Hello, I want to ask why I’m my MSFS Vaernes Trondheim is still in version and not the latest update since 9th of October ? Please advise Thank you
  3. I purchased Trondheim from MSFS Marketplace. How can I uninstall the scenery please. Is it possible that Aerosoft updater can not start because of a conflict because of there is already in my system Trondheim for P3D? Before installing Trondheim for MSFS AS Updater was working fine
  4. Since yesterday, while I purchased Trondheim ENVA, the updater does not run. As soon as the updater opens and checking for updates, it closes. also first time happens that as soon as I request for Push Back I get CTD. Tried this at different airport which was no problem
  5. Thank you guys so much, I will give it a try.
  6. Hello, if someone can support please? 1. How to determine and calculate the TO Flex temperature for the A330? 2How to calculate the TO Speeds ? Please advise Thank you in advance, Georgios
  7. Dave, I followed the hole procedure in every single letter.And yes rebooted many times, after every completed procedure. Deleted shaders for My P3d4.5 HF2 Also.
  8. APU does not start while flap is opened. Anyone else have similar problem? Please advise George
  9. Thank you. Have done it as instructed. Problem FIRST APU master switch ON, FLAP OPEN APU START doesn’t operate At all Please Advise
  10. Hi, thank you for the new built A330. Question please. Do we need to uninstall the previous version and how please?
  11. Hello again, thank you so much, followed your instructions and now all PERFECT. Thank you
  12. Hello again, as I noticed in addons.cfg there’s no A330 pro. I never touch or done anything to delete even by mistake any files. But I have to tell you that I have similar problem with a creative design extended lights add on. i install it, working ok but next time I check I can not find the confiqurator file
  13. Sure was working before. c (user) (my name) (documents) (Aerosoft)
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