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Not showing the correct Navigraph charts


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Thanks for including the EFB in the smaller Airbuses, i have a slight issue thou getting it to show the correct Taxi charts eg for EGKK (might just be a one time glitch which a re start might fix)  it shows the ground charts for another airport but if I scroll right down i can get the ground charts for Gatwick , seems to be showing two lots of ground charts .




Airbus pack uninstalled then PC restarted .... Installed with AV off and a restart after each fresh Airbus install.



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Something smiler happened … Seems if you select an airport the Taxiway charts are broken down into two sections ...Airport Briefings come first (marked Taxi)at the top ..then the rest of the airport charts also marked TAXI can be found if you scroll down but if you then select another airport you get charts for both Airports mixed into one... this is what happened after i selected EGKK first … then selected EGLL … Some taxi charts remain from EGKK in the top TAXI section... using Navigraph......edit ....just put a new pic up .. somehow an EGLL STAR has found its way into the EGPH taxi chart list , this is after i selected a few airports to test .

My guess is the EFB was written for the Aerosoft charts but maybe some Navigraph Jep charts  are named differently so the EFB gets confused .



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