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A330 Experimental released


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Aerosoft A330 professional
Thursday, January 16, 2020

This text holds the information we gathered after the manual was created.



- For all support, come to our forum: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/


HISTORY    Online Release Experimental
Improvement: Tweaks for EFB, HIGHLY recommended update Stable
Bug Fix: Fuel Planner files got replaced by the old A320 files in some cases
Bug Fix: Fly By Wire logic improved
Bug Fix: Checklist stuck on lights on
Bug Fix: 2D EFB Margins
Improvement: Several fixes in manuals Experimental
Bug Fix: Possible fix for the wings flapping on ground
Bug Fix: Configurator not working
Bug Fix: Flaps lever axis handling improved
Bug Fix: Negative time difference prevented in case sim time is changed
Improvement: Several PFD indications adjusted and improved
Improvement: Trim resets to 4 UP after touch down Experimental
Bug Fix: Wheel animation when rolling backwards solved
Bug Fix: Tweaks to FADEC 
Bug Fix: Possible fix for non removal of GPU
Bug Fix: LNAV in shallow turns tweaked
Bug Fix: Brake fan messages removed
Bug Fix: Issue with SimStarter solved
Bug Fix: GSX loading more then 255 pax issues solved
Improvement: Engine howling tweaked
Improvement: Tweaks to fuel use to counter impossible weather
Improvement: Vol1 manual updated
Improvement: Warning for links added
Improvement: Checklists tweaked to handle possible incorrect flows Experimental
Bug Fix: ACFT STATE "TURNAROUND" - Set as DEFAULT: During loading the EXT PWR was not set to ON
Bug Fix: Load instant function could in some cases lead to slight differences between requested and actual loaded cargo amount
Bug Fix: Rudder Trim – No vocal confirmation by PF for “SET” - solved
Bug Fix: Pushback – GSX: Parkbrake setting without vocal confirmation by PF if “SET” - solved
Bug Fix: Loadsheet printout had wrong values due to changed filename of the FuelPlanner output data.
Bug Fix: Added condition to set pitch trim (after HYD available at start up) to value given by MCDU 
Bug fix: GWCG indication on lower ECAM display now replaced by dashes as long as no FMGC data available
Improvement: Increase loggin levels
Improvement: CPDL test implementation (see forum)
Improvement: Trim setting in CL and Copilot adapted
Improvement: Background lighting for FCU brightened
Improvement: Aborted takeoff handling improved
Improvement: Trim wheel set to default 4.0 UP when loading aircraft states
Improvement: Flight phase adapted to change during Go Around
Improvement: Flight phase adapted to change during aborted take off Experimental
Improvement: Several changes to checklists and semi-intelligent co-pilot Experimental
Bug Fix: Web MCDU size fixed
Bug Fix: Landing Elevation indication
Bug Fix: Possible fixes to dropping elevator
Bug Fix: DECEL light corrected
Bug Fix: Fuel predictions tweaked
Improvement: changes to Checklists and copilot:
    BEFORE ENGINE START CL: Starting issue in connection with GSX closing doors solved
    ECAM PAGES: Manually selected by CL are now reset to standard when next CL item is called 
    CHRONO FO: Set ON when takeoff thrust is set and stopped after landing
    VC LIGHTS: When C&D as well as TO state is used VC-lights are automatically set to "flight" when TAXI CL is started
    LANDING LIGHTS: Were not really ON after descending below 10k feet even that OVHD switch was ON solved
    COPILOT: THS trim issue fixed
    GSX: Some tweaks done
    PAX: Pax loading tweaked
    LANDING LIGHT: issue after passing 10.000 feet solved
Improvement: Many cosmetic tweaks to MCDU
Improvement: Tweaks to ECAM display routines
Improvement: Rising runway symbol added
Improvement: Connected Flight Deck, more variables synced
Improvement: EFB LINKS tab removed when user_links.txt is removed
Improvement: Fuel planner fuel calculations tweaked



- Please read this: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/148161-a330-release-notes/




- Use the mouse wheel to control the switches and knobs!



The manual for the download version is created in Adobe Acrobat format. 
You can always get the latest version from : www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.


Copyright (c) 2019 Aerosoft / Padlabs GmbH
All Rights Reserved.

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