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A330 release notes

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The A330 is what we call a 'stepping stone' release. It incorporates a lot of new code that is the base for several new product for several platforms. That means that even though we use a continuous test cycle there will be issues. We guarantee it. A lot will be fixed soon after release as we have a bit more time and more feedback. If this would be on steam we might consider calling it 'early access'.


If you are somebody who gets easily annoyed by bugs we strongly advise you to simply not to buy when the product is launched. Give it two more weeks to mature.


Important notes:

  1. You need the very latest version of P3d V4.5 plus Hotfix 1 and Hotfix 2.
  2. Do not forget to disable AV software, we have seen some false positives.
  3. You absolutely need to reboot after installing.
    If you see a problem after installing, the chances are pretty big any of these three could be the reason!
  4. There are some rather tricky sim settings that are very important. These are described in Vol 1 of the manuals. Do us a massive favor and read, the manual is attached.


We use a rather aggressive update scheme where we push out almost anything we alter immediately to the Experimental update channel. Make sure you have that activated!

Please login to display this image.




Some loose comments on things we are still working on.


Electronic Flight Bag

See more: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/940-electronic-flight-bag/


We found two users for whom opening the DOCS section crash the sim. We do not know yet what causes it but we are talking to the developer of the module to see if he has any idea. If this happens to you avoid the DOCS and LINKS section for now.


Although we have done a lot of what was intended we are left with some open issues.

  • The  calculation module is currently just a placeholder. We have got good ideas for it but they are a tad complex. Will be done though.
  • The links did not work out as well as we hoped. As the core of this module is basically Chrome running in an iFrame not everything runs there without issues.
    This is not a solvable problem at this moment. If you have any sites that do work and are useful, please share them! But basically it is and will always be the worst web browser you have ever seen.
  • Navigraph chart support is missing at this moment due to some technical issues, we are working with our friends at Navigraph to solve that.
    The first person to say this is because we want to push NavDataPro charts will be banned from this forum. Nothing further from the truth. Ask them.



We are not too happy with the CPDLC options and decided to wait until the ATC organisations can offer us a solid service to connect to.  You will see some  preparations for that in the some menus, these options are not yet active but are planned to be made active later. It is important to have these menu option in the menu at this moment.


Connected Flight Deck

As Connected Flight Deck is basically a huge load of parameters send around it is always very tricky right after a release. As parameters are changing to fix issues or to change behavior they might break CFD.  As the product matures this will slowly be solved.


Light Artifacts

As  you might know P3d V4.3 and up do not want to play nice with the superb Real Light technology we have been using when PBR textures are used.  So another technic has to be used (one that most add-on builders now use). But it has drawbacks. Not only does it not look as good, it can also have artifacts. It also makes some displays very very hard to manage in brightness. At this moment this cannot be totally avoided. Here is a possible artifact you might see:

Please login to display this image.



FO BARO checks and settings still need to be included.

The ViewFocus option is not compatible with view add-ons that change the aircraft files (like ChasePlane). This probably can't be changed.



Because our Test Manager is on sick leave I had to take over those task. This causes some delays with the manuals. The final one (Step-By-Step) can normally only be completed at the very end of the development but that will now be pushed beyond the release


3rd party shaders

Full PRB products (at this moment only the CRJ pro, the Madddog and the A330 can be seen as such, all others have partial PBR or have PBR added)  can be highly problematic with third party shader because  the PBD settings from Lockheed are highly linked to the colors chosen by the modeler. If the colors are changed by a shader unpredictable effects can happen and we are utterly unable to assist. We strongly advise you to see the product as it was designed. Only then will you see all details and effects.


LIvery Manager

We are working on a pretty special livery manager but it will take some time to get ready. To make your livery work with it the standards are the same as for our smaller busses. For now just manually install them.




Vol1-In P3D.pdf

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