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Airbus philosophy: Digital readouts


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Just a question which I always have been wondering about:

Why Airbus Cockpits dont have digital heading readouts on the Nav-Display and digital speed readouts on the PFD.

I can understand that it might not be essential, but it would not do any harm I guess. Boeing seems to think it is better to have those readouts.So there should logically be a reason why Airbus thinks it is BETTER to NOT have them..

So, is there any disadvantage of having them? It always annoyed me actually.

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I agree, I also think that might be their way of thinking, and I also agree that it doesnt matter if 322 or 325 knots, but I still dont understand it , especially for the heading.

"Not essentially needed" doesnt seem to be a valid reason to not give pilots the additional means of information I would think.

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