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  1. I agree, I also think that might be their way of thinking, and I also agree that it doesnt matter if 322 or 325 knots, but I still dont understand it , especially for the heading. "Not essentially needed" doesnt seem to be a valid reason to not give pilots the additional means of information I would think.
  2. Just a question which I always have been wondering about: Why Airbus Cockpits dont have digital heading readouts on the Nav-Display and digital speed readouts on the PFD. I can understand that it might not be essential, but it would not do any harm I guess. Boeing seems to think it is better to have those readouts.So there should logically be a reason why Airbus thinks it is BETTER to NOT have them.. So, is there any disadvantage of having them? It always annoyed me actually.
  3. Hi all, just wanted to share an interesting finding for all 3rd party shader users (and for 3rd party shader haters also :)))) ) The grey snow is not a shader issue. I get the same grey snow with original P3D V4.5 shaders, but I also get it at any other airport. What causes this (at least for me) is the cloud shadows turned on, in the case of EDDK the shadows aparently dont apply to the snow piles besides the taxiway however, therefore they look white whilst everything else looks grey. These screenshots are made with restored org shaders and shadow off and on Best regards and Merry Christmas to everbody !!
  4. Thank you. That is what I wanted to know. And NO NO, I wont get rid of PTA haha :))) Absolutely needed still for some areas. I actually prefer to have grey snow at EDDK over having all the other annoying "issues" when using original shaders. ( I mean I also could just adjust the shader responsable for this. But I think I am too lazy to do that) but I know, a highly personal thing, so no further discussion needed I do NOT expect that and I would never complain about it !! Justed wanted to confirm it IS my shaders. Nothing else :)) kind regards
  5. yes indeed, I use some PTA shaders. So you can confirm that snow should look white with original P3D shaders? Issue on my side then.. thanks for your reply kind regards
  6. Hi all, just a little question. I am getting grey snow at EDDK (newest version for P3Dv4.5, but as far as I remember it was like this also with the old version) . The snow piles however are white. Is that intended or is it only on my side? Looks a bit strange to me.. thanks and best regards
  7. Hi, thanks for this nice scenery ! Just a little thing: The updater gives me some error on it. Did something go wrong with the installation? best regards
  8. I also have problems with the sound when starting engines, especially and cosistently with engine 1 , at ignition sometimes the sound stutters for a moment and sometimes the spooling sound just gets cut and I cant here it anymore at all BTW, another annoying thing which also had been reported right after release but does persist are the clipping noises in the cfm sounds...
  9. My Bus is at the installers default location and I dont have a problem with missing files. I have a problem with the files correctly being triggered. That means sometimes they play, sometimes not.
  10. There is no doubt that for some or many people (I dont know) the sounds are working well. But it is also true that for some or many people (I dont know) they are not, and all the suggested uninstalling and installing doesnt fix that unfortunately. It is a problem since release and I think most of us with the problem have reinstalled the bus several times ever since... I personall dont have any problem with sounds with other addons. Jus the bus makes trouble and sometimes just doesnt trigger sounds correctly. best regards
  11. I sometimes get the shutdown sounds, sometimes not....annoying indeed (And since P3D 4.5 startup sounds are a mess , too, sometimes they just dont get triggered correctly) A fix for that would really be necessary...
  12. I just made the content update and it doesnt affect most addons. It will only overwrite DEFAULT P3D files in the following folders Scripts, redist, SimObjects, Weather, Scenarios, Ecosystem, Fonts, Autogen, Effects, gauges, Sound, Texture... so unless an Addon alters those files it shouldnt be affected ( and most addons dont alter the default files) In my case I only had to reinstall REX cloud textures, You will loose the beechcraft aircrafts however unless you back them up before but there some threads over at the other forums for that, for example this one: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/545989-v44-fresh-install-or-client-content-only/?tab=comments#comment-3933591 P.S. I have quite some Aerosoft sceneries and none was affected
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