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  1. No , there is no such tool, but I will have a look at the devs forum directly, thanks you very much !
  2. Hi, I just saw that in winter the default scenery in Tokyo area is green , but the RJAA scenery uses white winter textures. Is there anything which could be done about that? It looks ridiculous like this. Thank you very much ! happy holiday everyone !
  3. Could somebody tell me how much data the scenery streaming consumes more or less? It will depend probably on your settings, but maybe someone can indicate a range. I have a data restriction of 60GB per month, so I know that I wont be able to use that normally, but do I have to completely forget about using it from time to time, or is it maybe less than I think? Many thanks for any hints !
  4. Ok, thank you ! Really a mystery to me, why I need this entry for the bus and police car textures to show while other ground traffic has textures without it. And other users dont need this entry at all...I mean the devs probably understand why, but I dont..
  5. Thanks Bob Would you mind to maybe look if the xml in your install has this texture entry by default ?
  6. It seems I was able to solve it myself. The addon.xml file had no seperate entry pointing to the texture folder. By adding the corresponding lines the textures for police car and bus reappeared. It seems that in other sceneries this entry isnt there either and doesnt seem always necessary, but I saw that Reggio does have those lines in the xml......so I added them to Bergamo and voila !! .But really strange: why only this/those texture file(s) were afected by that? Curious
  7. I have all of my scenery addons on a seperate drive where Bergamo sits inside the Aerosoft folder. As this uses the addon xml method I really dont understand what could have happend here. I never changed anything in that folder but to be fully sure I redownloaded the latest installer and reinstalled it from scratch, but with the same result. Could Reggio Calabria be interfering somehow with it? I ask that only because it is the same developer and Reggio ist one of the latest sceneries I installed. Maybe they share files ? Could you let me know the name of the texture file to see if its there and not being called or if it is really missing?
  8. It is P3D V4.5 (I know that it is not compatible with V5, thats why I missed to give you this info, sorry) I just noticed that now but I know for sure that some time ago the textures were there, probably the version prior to
  9. I just noticed that there are some textures for some of the moving ground traffic vehicles missing, for example the bus and the police car. I just downloaded the latest installer and reinstalled everything. Any suggestions, thank you !
  10. Thanks Mathijs, I understand that the sim isnt useable until the udated core files are downloaded and installed. That shouldnt hopefully be too much data. . But I am refering to the 90GB content. Can I get that piece by piece to my harddrive (like in diferent cab files or soemthing like that) and only when I have everything ready start the installer ?
  11. May I repeat this questions as I guess it has been overseen, thanks a lot !
  12. Just another question: Can the download version get downloaded piece by piece and then installed afterwards as for example happens with P3D ? I ask that because whilst I have a rapid internet connection I have data restrictions. So I cant download 90 GB in one go and would have to split it over some time. For this reason I was actually going to purchase the box, but to have the DVD in the drive always is a clear no go for me. Thanks a lot for your patience in answering all those questions !!
  13. Exactly that is the problem, but it is the AI aircraft which is parked too far from the gate. Cant the parking point get shifted forward in the AFCAD?
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