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Monitor question

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I have changed my old CRT monitor (LG Flatron 17¨). With it I played FS at 1600x1200, anisotropic filtering 8X, AA 4x. The result was wanderful images; clouds, terrain, planes...

Now I have a LCD monitor LG Flatron L246WH 24¨. I play at 1900x1200 or 1600X1200 (recomended as the manual says). The images are of course bigger but not smooth, without that little fog that gives it realism. I think anisotropic filtering does not work. Far clouds appear monocrome, without detail

Is this normal with LCD monitors?

With other games I have the same result; poor images

My graphic card is an ASUS 8800 GTX and I have the same settings in nvidia control panel:

anisotropic filtering 8X


Any solution? Thank you.

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when you have a TFT or LCD Monitor, you should only use the solution the Monitor has, no other, because then the Pixel don't fit to the solutions of the Monitor and you get not a good view.

And I don't think that your 17' Monitor as a buildin solution of 1600x1200 pixel, normally 1280x1024, older maybe only 1024x768.

For you 24' Monitor has a solution of 1920x1200, so this is the only one you should setup in Windows. The problem you get with non 4/3 Monitors could be, that the 2D panel will not show round gauges.

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I have to agree with Oliver, If you use the computer for flying Flight Sim a lot, a widescreen isn't really good for panel views in fullscreen mode.

My new super computer thats coming has a 4:3 screen as I can see the panels as they were designed to be in panel view.

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Hi Edu,

I have to agree with the previous posters. You have to use your monitor's native resolution to have best results.

I looked it up for your monitor and you have to use "1920x1200".

the 20 pixels difference with the resolution you used may seem unimportant, but you should know that your screen is going to manupulate the image (software-wise) if the resolution is not equal to the native resolution. Knowing this, even 20 pixels can mean a big difference...

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Yes, - and if you use 1920x1200 resolution, you can probably scale back your AA and AS settings as that resolution will already provide you with less "jaggies". Also, as a performance tip, don't enable AA and AS in the Nvidia control panel AND enable these in games; use one or the other. :)

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Thank you all of you for your anwers.

A mistake, I said screen resolution 1900X1200 when I wanted to say 1920x1200 (I don´t know how to set 1900X1200, I think it´s impossible).

Yes my CRT monitor allows me 1600X1200, even more. Is a LG Flatron F700P.

I decided to conect both monitors with the PC and play FS X and compare results. Both screens at 1600X1200, AS X8 and AA 4X (24¨ monitor allows 1600X1200 because it has the option 1:1 or original, I think is the same, and creates two black bars at the sides of the screen.

For me the result: Bigger images in LCD and better images in CRT.

Another thing; I changed my old motherboard and CPU (AMD Dual Core 4600) for a Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 and with this CPU and the same settings, airport (take of) and weather (stormy). The results:

AMD 4600: 12-14 FPS.

Intel Core 2 QX6850: 25-40 FPS.

No comments.



AA 4X or 8X, no apreciated difference in FPS (nvidia control panel because FS X only allows AA yes or not).

Graphic settins in FS X almost at the top except scenery objets; very dense and normal.

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What has probably happened is that your computer is still using the old monitor drivers. Three steps:

1: Install the monitor driver for your new hardware

2: Reinstall the graphic card drivers - they inlcude algorithms that identify the resolution in use and optimise the display

3: Change the resolution in FSX to a non-native resolution (1600x1200) then change it back to the correct new resolution AND MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE 32-bit option.

Sounds like you have 16-bit res selected and you must ensure you choose 1900x1200x32.

It appears that FSX has inherited some of the old traits of FS9 and does not automatically register hardware changes as it should in some cases. You no longer need to do the old manual correction of the FSX.cfg as we used to do with FS9.cfg when making hardware or Graphic card driver changes, but you do have to `prod` FSX into recognising the new setttings.

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