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  1. When I´m installing Piper Cheyenne I´m asked "Show landing lights more realistic? (Please notice this will affect other aircrafts and runway lights!). What does it mean?. In what way can affect? I have installed it without this option because I have and addon called Shochwave 3D Lights and others like addon airports.
  2. Thank you SAF, that was the problem!
  3. Edu

    Monitor question

    Thank you all of you for your anwers. A mistake, I said screen resolution 1900X1200 when I wanted to say 1920x1200 (I don´t know how to set 1900X1200, I think it´s impossible). Yes my CRT monitor allows me 1600X1200, even more. Is a LG Flatron F700P. I decided to conect both monitors with the PC and play FS X and compare results. Both screens at 1600X1200, AS X8 and AA 4X (24¨ monitor allows 1600X1200 because it has the option 1:1 or original, I think is the same, and creates two black bars at the sides of the screen. For me the result: Bigger images in LCD and better images in CRT. A
  4. Edu

    Monitor question

    Hello. I have changed my old CRT monitor (LG Flatron 17¨). With it I played FS at 1600x1200, anisotropic filtering 8X, AA 4x. The result was wanderful images; clouds, terrain, planes... Now I have a LCD monitor LG Flatron L246WH 24¨. I play at 1900x1200 or 1600X1200 (recomended as the manual says). The images are of course bigger but not smooth, without that little fog that gives it realism. I think anisotropic filtering does not work. Far clouds appear monocrome, without detail Is this normal with LCD monitors? With other games I have the same result; poor images My graphic card is
  5. Yes, I found it, thank you. I have another problem: I activated 2D panel in configuration tool but the panel does not appear in flight simulator. I have it with others planes. Any idea?.
  6. I have installed Do-27 (windows Vista / flight simulator X) but can´t find the configuration tool. Where is it?. Outside FSX I only can see the manuals
  7. Yes! That was the problem. I put AES basepack at the top and now is OK. Thank you very much OPabst.
  8. Thank you but I have EDDF Checked, exactly it says "EDDF for Aerosoft GAP MAF -5- FULL" and the square on the left checked and FS started with my plane (PMDG 747 or 737) parked on EDDF. I have the same problem with EDDV. As I said no problem with EDDN. AESHELP opens and closes with a signal on the upper left corner turning green and yellow (the plane parameters opens and closes all the time).
  9. Hello. I have activated Frankfurt Airport but I receive a message when I open AESHELP that says "Error while connecting Flightsim. Please start FS and place aircraft on active AES airport". The program opens and closes and when open a message says "Error to get data from FS". I try with PMDG 737 and 747. I suppose that the airport is Mega airport Frankfurt (5 credits). It´snt it?. Whit EDDN no problem. Thank you for your help.
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