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Hi all!


I am currently searching for a good quality laptop to run p3d with high specs.

I have got now on my budget an Asus ROG with intel i5 -7300hq processor and GTX 1080 8gb gpu and another ASUS ROG but i7 9750h with GTX 1650 (4gb)

the first one is 17" screen and the i7 processor is 15".

both of them 16gb ram

Both of them around the same price.


Which one would you recommend? I don't know if to prioritise CPU or GPU, the GTX 1080 is much more powerful but the cpu seems to be older and lower in specs...

I do not find an option with i7 processor and GTX 1080 under the same budget


Thank you a lot!

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I would for sure pick the first one. Much more secure for the future.

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Also while you are getting P3D for your next new laptop, keep in mind that your next new laptop can handle MS2020 that is being debuted by Microsoft very soon.


BTW, I have been doing flight simming strictly on laptops for past 14 years  :)


Good luck.  You make no mention of SSD drive??? I would be happy with 32 GB ram instead of 16 GB ram.  Remember important rule of thumb when it comes to new pc or laptop shopping, always buy one that will serve your needs for next 5 years, not for present needs or otherwise you will find out that your new pc or laptop purchase will be outdated before you have chance to go home with your new system to set it up.





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