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Issue with Throttle for the A330

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I just purchased the A330 Professional for P3DV4.5 and everything seems to be great. I really enjoy how the aircraft performs (save for decent, but that's another issue and more likely my fault)


I am currently using the T flight Hotas x (As seen here). The issue is this: There is a center position in the lever where the system locks in the middle and stays there until you add more force to go to full throttle (and vice versa). Now since that is the dead center position of the throttle, I would like for it to be where the Climb setting would on the Throttle within the A330. Unfortunately, after adjusting sensitivity and null zones, as well as calibrating the device within P3D hasn't change much at all. If I select the center position on my T Flight Hotas, it will always be slightly below the climb position on the AT which will lead to unnecessary increases in N1 (which is quite annoying especially if you bump or move your physical throttle by mistake  and then have a bunch of alarms go off a bit later in the sim). 


What are my solutions? I have followed the throttle guide included in the documentation however this hasn't helped much at all. I'm a bit at a loss here and since the A330 performs fine except this issue is quite a bit frustrating. 


Thank you: 


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Hi CommandHat


I totally understand your frustration I would suggest you took a look at FSUIPC5 if you haven't already. Then go play around with the null zone on FSUIPC if you don't get it to work there is a lot of good tutorials on YouTube. I hope this helps.



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