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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hi, Would it be possible for you to send a video of what is happening? Regards, Markus
  3. Hi Joaquin Just to make sure. Are you inserting the correct block fuel in the INIT B page? Regards, Markus
  4. Hi Jerry This message is displayed when you recieve a message in the "AOC Menu" You can find this message by navigating to the ATSU menu and going to the AOC menu. Lastly click the recieved messages. There it should display the message. I hope this helps Regards, Markus
  5. Hi, Your first problem might be a AFCAD issue. You could try and reinstall the scenery and see if it fixes the problem Also for your second issue If you want SODE Jetways you can download a awesome profile from https://www.inibuilds.com/gsx-switzerland Regards, Markus
  6. Hi, When applying TS have you tried to change the shaders in the sim to the recommended by the author of the TS profile? Regards, Markus
  7. His Gaz, What Pitch trim did you insert in the MCDU? Also T.O INHIBIT means there is certain Master Cautions & Master Warnings you won't get during the Takeoff Roll. This also happens during landing. Regards, Markus
  8. Hi, There is currently no way to test the connection to CFD servers. There is also not a way to see the status of the CFD servers yet but it could be a really nice idea. You are right it could help to see if its a sync or connection issue in som scenarios. Regards, Markus
  9. Hi, Yeah its a bug in the aircraft. It will hopefully be fixed with the next update. Regards, Markus
  10. Hi, No it is not normal procedure. You should only login once and it should automatically safe your login info for all Aerosoft Airbus. Regards, Markus
  11. Hi, This is a interesting one. I see that there is an issue with the trim. Also A.FLOOR protection should be kept on in your situation since its there to help the aircraft not to stall. You should disengage it at the point where you are at the selected speed. Will you be able to do the same flight and record the whole flight and see if you are able to reproduce the issue? Regards, Markus
  12. Who pressed the APU start button when you had this issue? Regards, Markus
  13. Ok, The only fix for now is either to remove the throttle axis for your throttles in the p3d options menu before connecting for a CFD flight or to completely unplug/disable your throttles. Regards, Markus
  14. Hi Did you guys both select the same aircraft state before connecting? The throttle issue you were having could be caused by a conflicting axis between the PM and PF. Regards, Markus
  15. Ok, you could try to download the newest installer install it and then try and reinstall it and see if it works. Regards, Markus
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