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A330 setting Barometer

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Good day all

Yesterday evening I was flying A330 EDDM -> EDDM In the decent I switched from STD to Atmospheric pressure and pressed 'B'  to align with correct pressure which I believe was about 1038Hpa (still is today). The plane immediately went into a dive Auto pilot cut out and I was unable to recover.  I think this may have happened to me before. Is this a bug? i.e. large sudden altitude error. Or is it something to be aware of.


Frank Darbyshire

KLM 350



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This is the first we've heard of this, and I've not experienced it in over a year of flying the A330 almost daily.  Anyway, we'd have to know what your altitude was and what and how far away your next crossing restriction was, what weather engine you are using and what the weather conditions were in the sim in order to track this down.  This is actually an area of expertise for me, and I'm betting this occurred due to a errant weather station sending bad data in the sim (I have seen that before).  ActiveSky does a good job of correcting this (though every once in while it will happen), other weather engines like REX sometimes have real big issues and are unable to correct it.  If fact, I stopped using REX weather engine for a few reasons, one of which is that I got sick a tired of this very issue that you described.


Which weather engine were you using?  If you have any other info (which I know is hard to have after the fact) I'd sure like to know as well.


Best wishes!




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