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  1. Found it FSUIPC auto save. EHAM/EIDW completed. I don't have this problem with any other airplane. just a stutter. Frank
  2. I made a video.1st attempt Recording in P3D does not show screens so I used OBS Studio. This went woble at about 300 feet, about when I set standard atmosphere Second attempt. I made a mess of the take off yoke did not appear to be working correctly. Then engaged AP. The event is at about 4min 45sec. Also latest log files. Frank EHAM-EIDW _Trim.mp4 AltProcess.log ECAM_Systems.log EFB_Ctrl.log
  3. I remembered that I had logging on so attached log files. I will try to make a video I'm not sure how to do that yet. Frank AltProcess.log ECAM_Systems.log EFB_Ctrl.log
  4. I have now tried to fly EHAM EIDW 3 times now. Each time during the climb the throttle appears to go to A/floor TOGA Lock for no reason. Then it climbs until it stalls. Disconnect AP does not seem to disconnect, and has to be done few times. Also A/THR does not disconnect correctly. The last time I flew this I was ready to see what happened. I was on a normal climb from rwy 24 about 15 miles from BERGI. Just passed FL180. Attached picture from just after the problems. Software used P3D 4,5 + HF A330 V updated today Active sky P3D AS Cloud art Chase Plane Aivlasof EFB Spad next Linda SIm Server HW I7 8700k 4.3 Ghz Nvidia 1060 Hneycomb Alpha Yoke VRsim MCP 2 I have had numerous similar problems over the past month. I dare not fly on-line with this aircraft so I am leaving it in the hanger until the next major update. Frank Darbyshire
  5. Good day all Yesterday evening I was flying A330 EDDM -> EDDM In the decent I switched from STD to Atmospheric pressure and pressed 'B' to align with correct pressure which I believe was about 1038Hpa (still is today). The plane immediately went into a dive Auto pilot cut out and I was unable to recover. I think this may have happened to me before. Is this a bug? i.e. large sudden altitude error. Or is it something to be aware of. Frank Darbyshire KLM 350
  6. Now we just have to wait for the Bravo throttle. Looking forward to tomorow😆. Thanks for the quick turnaround.
  7. I got it again ????????????? I don't know how this is happening. Probably one of the million wonders of the internet. Frank
  8. From aerosoft in German. I am really looking forward to the new yoke. Thanks for your review. Now I am saving up for when the throttle quadrant comes out. Now I am really confused. Just went to the site to check my figures. Now I see that the price is discounted from 250 to 220 EUR. I had a clean up of my email. So I can't find the email.
  9. I am just a little bit disappointed, I pre-ordered in April expecting the price increase from $220 to $250 after the quickly closing pre-order period. Now I got an offer to buy for €193.59. Frank Darbyshire
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