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About Fuel Planner, GSX and CG.

Richard Portier

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I see on the forum some problems about the CG when fuel + pax + cargo are loaded via Gsx.

I have no problem with that.


Maybe the problem is the following. Sorry if it's not.

1-With the fuel planner I adjust the CoG with the slider until the TOW %MAC is GREEN. I bring this precision because on all the pictures of the fuel planner accompanying the posts related to this problem, I notice that the Adjust CoG slider is always in "Reset" position, therefore the TOW %MAC is not GREEN.

2-I click on Generate Loadsheet.

3-Once in the plane I Init the Loadsheet, then via GSX I load the fuel, pax and so ...

The trim in the Load and Fuel aircraft  matches the one found in the Fuel Planner. Everything is ok for me.




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Some good points.


As I write this, I am making a video to show people the correct way of doing fuel planning for the Airbus Professional Series. I hope to publishg the video in about 2 hours from how.  I'll provide a link to the video here in this post as well as others.


Best wishes.


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