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NavDataPro Charts Content and Weather Charts

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If you had a question before buying the Aerosoft 330 Prof. On the shop product website you can see some photos of what seems to make NavDataPro charts content and weather maps necessary.

Which additional tools are necessary to be able to use these contents completely and in the future? When will there be another action for NvDataPro????

You continue to write in the item description that Navigrapgh can also be used. Which restrictions are there here?

Only if the questions are clear the purchase will be decided.

Many thanks in advance





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For the charts you can use either NavDataPro Charts or Navigraph Charts. No restrictions!

The weather image is actually a webpage, which is linked in the EFB.

Beside any of the two chart providers nothing else is needed.


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But keep in mind that only NDP charts work right now, we still need to add Navigraph support. The kind folks at Navigraph given us the help we needed so that should not take long.

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