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Problem with the Checklist and Trimmsetting

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I have installed the A330 three times und i have manually updated the C++, because the update througout the installation of the A330 failed. Now i have the following problems. At the "After Start Checklist" the Copilot is unable the set the pitch trim to the right value. According to the FMC the pitch setting has to be 6.0 up, but the copilot set it only to 4.5 up. At the end of the "After Start" Checklist the pilot start to call out "Lights on" and repeated it without any stopp. After this error occured i'm unable to controll die taxi-light and the runway turn off-lights. The "Lights on"-callout didn't even stop if the next checklist started. It spunded throughout the entire take off und the entire flight, which is very disturbing. If i switch off the Checklist-Option, to "Lights on"-Callout stop and i'm able to controll the lights again. What's wrong? Have i done something wrong while i updated the c++ manually?

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It seems that the FuelPlaner doesn't work right. Today i want to do a short flight from LSZH to EDDH with the A321. After i set the weight and the fuel according to the flight plan i want to adjust the CoG, but it only show 0.0. Before i installed the Aerosoft A330 everthing worked perfekt.

I will try a complet reinstallation of the A318-A319; the A320-A321 and the A330 tomorrow or an Monday.


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