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Bodrum Lite : ILS path


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Hello team,


At Simmarket I bought Bodrum Lite last year.

Already I sent 2 emails to the FSDG support (+ prove of purchase )  but no reply ..


The issue is that when flying the ILS with my Prosim 737-800 ( Realworld NavData ) the ILS leads my between the 2 runways...

Looking at the Afcad it looks fine.


Advices/suggestions are appreciated..


Thanks, Gerard 





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  • Root Admin

Well clearly the database and scenery do not match. Not sure what  we can do about that as we are just a reseller. 

Btw, this is NOT uncommon in real life asn radio signals are not digital and not 100% precise. Pilots simply adapt.


What nav data base are you using? Navigraph or NavDatapro?

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  • Root Admin

Well if the aircraft uses Navigraph it simply has to be the scenery that is not 100% correctly positioned. I am sorry you did not get a reply from FSDG but I would realistically not expect a new version.


But again, pilots handle these kinds of things. If you can side skip to the runway you land, if not you go around and keep a slight offset. It makes flying a sim more fun!

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