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Possible to disable "Validate Flightplan"

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12 hours ago, Peter Coveney said:

Any ideas as to why when I go from Release to Export the Save function is greyed out. The paths for the correct P3D and FSX locations are correct.


Post a snapshot with schedule panel and flight to export selected.


Post a snapshot of your export settings including primary paths and selected addons.

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On 10/27/2019 at 2:53 PM, alpha117 said:

Why disable this function, when you can just press the 'Release', button on the top left of the UI, when you get to the correct part in the dispatch process?


Because it tries to connect to an Eurocontrol API that is no longer open to the public. This request takes time, fails 100% and comes up with unnecessary error messages.

A possibility to turn off the validation would be greatly appreciated.

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