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Scenery airport Poprad-Tatry, LZTT for flight simulator P3D v4+

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Thank you very much.
Buildings next to the observatory will also be made.
I have to ask you.
If possible, take photos of the cableway where it starts.
You can specify the geographical coordinates of its beginning and where it ends, as well as at least two intermediate points. Intermediates may not be accurate, it's not scary. Building a cable car, I will already adjust.


From your point of view, at what height above ground level do the cable car cabs move?

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Direction with glass reflection selected. At this airport, the passenger terminal glass is mirrored on the side of the aircraft parking, inside is transparent. Considering that I will do the interior inside the passenger terminal, the choice of terminal windows from the platform side will be provided to the user from two options:

1. Mirrored. 2. Translucent.

The video shows how with the dynamic reflection in the reflection of the glass, the position of the windsock changes





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That's all with this part of the terminal.
Next week I’ll finish the second part of the terminal.
I think that the terminal will also be included in the configurator with the choice of two options. The main option will include all the halls of the passenger terminal, 3D models of seats, sofas, lamps, trolleys. The second option will be facilitated. It will also include all the halls, partitions, inscriptions, but there will be no 3D models or there will be a minimum number of them.
Textures will also be applied to the terminal’s internal walls to give them “volume” with shadows, small cracks in drywall, etc.
Also, we plan to revitalize the passenger terminal with animated people. Models of people and animations are made by Christian.







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This is the layout of the passenger terminal.
By the weekend it should be done. At the moment, all partitions are in place. The doors are marked. Basic 3D objects are finished. It remains to make control frames, tables, make inscriptions, there are a lot of them in Slovak and English, texture the walls, arrange objects.
The ceiling on the left side extends when everything is ready it will cover the entire space. Why is that. The terminal frame is higher than the ceiling part inside. In the inter-ceiling part there are communications, hoods, etc. Therefore, so that the ceilings inside the terminal would not seem high, such a decision was made.





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Some users ask about frame rates. Poprad Airport is not a large airport, so some points can be done in sufficient detail. I would like the interior to be a feature of this project, so I paid special attention to it. 3D models are quite well optimized and at the same time look in detail.
In addition, users will be given a choice in the configurator of two options for the interior, full and 

The next stage, administrative buildings and hangars :)









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Almost the front part that goes onto the platform is ready. The upper part of the building where the inscription "AIRPORT" has not yet been made. We also need to work with textures: make normal maps, a specular, add gloss for metal, prepare night textures.

Did a test in the simulator. I like :) 

The following screenshots I will show closer to testing the project. I work on LZTT every day, so I think that in the second half of spring we can enjoy Poprad - Tatry Airport ;) 







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Good evening everyone!
I finished work on the administrative building of the Poprad - Tatry airport and decided to make a small fact-finding video.
Video animation created in SketchUp. SketchUp lets you make simple animations for videos. Sound imposed by the standard Windows 10 program.
The next stage is the creation of office buildings of the airport and hangars.





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The remaining buildings are simpler than the administrative. But it will be done with "taste" like real buildings at the airport. What is planned. Windows will of course be with slopes, rather detailed frames and glass. The four-story building has two central entrances on both sides. The control tower will be with transparent windows and interior. On the balcony around the tower voluminous fences. The garage for cars and the hangar will be partially open with an internal frame made of texture. There will be one of the fire engines in the garage. There will be a small plane in the hangar. This is how I see it at this stage.



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Will this be also really hard on FPS? In Kosice I have only around 20 fps, it is really too demanding, what can I do with it? For example in beautiful Orbx Innsbruck I have over 40 fps, so for me it is kind of sad that in Aerosoft Kosice I can not get more than 20. Any tips please?


Also, let me know which coordinates or pictures you still need, I am familiar with the Poprad area.


Coordinates for the cable car:

First station - 49.165964, 20.269161

Second station - 49.179086, 20.256025

Third station - 49.187666, 20.233053

Final station on the peak - 49.195136, 20.213360

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Thanks for the coordinates!
Try to reduce ground and air traffic in the simulator settings in Kosice. If you have set the maximum number of generated objects in the simulator, try to reduce these values.
These are the characteristics of my computer:
Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3450 CPU 3.10 GHz
RAM 16
Geforce GTX 1060
HDD - SSD 250 Gb
Attached screenshots of the settings in the simulator. With these settings, I have approximately the same frame rate at all airports from 30 to 35. As a rule, I tested frame rates on the ATR 42 Carenado.

I understand that settings are a purely individual thing. Once I tried to configure the video card using the proposed settings NVIDIA Inspector. The image was beyond praise but the frame rate at the same time dropped sharply throughout the simulator. These settings were not for my computer specifications.
I’ll think that it’s possible to adjust when preparing the Kosice update so that the frame rate is higher.
Poprad is 70% equipped with 3D objects. Remained static, animation of energy-intensive components. So far I do not see problems with frequent frame rates. More flexible Poprad configuration in a configurator is supposed.
I am in this thread on the forum, or in Kosice I wrote my email address, you can write to me on it.




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The building with the control tower is ready. I did not want to make it very dirty, with drips, etc. The interior of the tower will be quite simple. The ceiling with ceiling lamps, which will be on the texture, several simple tables, armchairs and a couple of monitors. The interior of the tower can also be disabled in the configurator.





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While working on the project, I found out that Poprad Airport has one of AIR divisions - TRANSPORT EUROPE, in the fleet of which is AGUSTA A109, which I decided to make a static model for scenery Poprad - Tatry. The original building in ATE colors will also definitely be in LZTT :)





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