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Memory Leaks - CTD

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A flight I do in an PMDG has different results then A320.  Using latest version of A320, FLying from KMSP to KDEN, Both flightbeam Airports. I get a CTD in the airbus everytime!   I get no crash in the PMDG 777 and I am able to continue the flight.  Updated windows 10 to 1903, Using latest Nvidia driver with recent hotfix. MSI afterbuner with power set at 90%. P#D V4.5 HF 1.  I can duplicate this everytime in the airbus.  Never happens in PMDG. . . Must be some problems in the Airbus Code. . . .  

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Based on the information you provided, there is no indication of a memory leak.


Please provide the following:


1. The complete route you flew

2. Where along the route (position/waypoint, altitude, speed) the CTD occurred at.

3. What you were doing in the simulator and/or aircraft when the CTD occurred?

4. What was Widows Event Viewer information for the CTD?\

5. What AI Aircraft do you have installed?

6. Where you flying online? If so, which network?

7. Are you using any software to manage AI Aircraft?  If so, which one?

8. Please list all flight sim software running when the CTD occurred.


Many thanks.


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