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  1. Are you referring to the Windows 10 setting of "Automatically set time zone" ? Just wanted to be clear. Its set to time.windows server but still not working. Thanks
  2. I have it working using a modified bgl i created myself. So far so good in P3d V4.5 HF2
  3. Never mind. I fixed it myself. . . Thanks
  4. When I start the PANC scenery, it loads the following bgl file - Scenery\0101\scnery\APX08100.bgl Is this the correct one? If not, which one is correct? Ive uninstalled and reinstalled several times, double checked the that the layer is above all orbx, using the latest versions, checked the addon.cfg file, xml file. Which bgl is the correct AFCAD? Thanks in advance.
  5. After selecting wind request on FMS. I get CTD every time.
  6. A flight I do in an PMDG has different results then A320. Using latest version of A320, FLying from KMSP to KDEN, Both flightbeam Airports. I get a CTD in the airbus everytime! I get no crash in the PMDG 777 and I am able to continue the flight. Updated windows 10 to 1903, Using latest Nvidia driver with recent hotfix. MSI afterbuner with power set at 90%. P#D V4.5 HF 1. I can duplicate this everytime in the airbus. Never happens in PMDG. . . Must be some problems in the Airbus Code. . . .
  7. I think I solved. Set monitor freq to 54hz. So far so good. 30hz was too low. more testing tomorrow.
  8. That means your not going to help me then? I dont understand?
  9. Totally screwed in P3d V4.5 Hotfix1 !!!!! Need an update or patch ASAP!
  10. Latest version, P3d V4.5 hot fix 1 A320 (latest version) ASP4 latest version cruise or climb doesnt matter.
  11. In P3d V4.5 Hotfix 1 Latest patch. THis plane gloes literally nuts after reaching cruise. Like it just got hit with cruise missle! THen no managed speed at all!! Im going back to PMDG. THis is crap!!!
  12. I use Mytraffic 6a with P3d V4.1 and many other plugins. My only gripe is the install is tricky and some of the AI crashes into you and some terminals have way too many planes and its hard to get a gate to park to . But it is pretty realistic. It works with Pro ATC X too!
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