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How to maintain speed

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Just to start off, I want to say that I never use the autopilot setting setting the speed, only the ALT and HD.. The problem I have with these airbuses is that many times for some reason the doesn't set it to what it should be,so just after takeoff, it can slow right down, and after a few moments it will speed right up and on both occasions it sets the alarm off (which makes sense if you look at the speed).  If I set the ALT off to be 15000, how can I do that, how can I set it off to simply get to that altitude?

I have put me 'going through hell' video on here.  If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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You have to push speed selector (left mouse click) to get managed speed, or pull (right mouse click) to set select speed.


Managed speed =flight computer control speed


Select speed =pilot control speed


In both cases the throttle lever should be an CL (CLB) detent, like into your video into first place (not TOGA)



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