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  1. I can't believe it - but after all the crap I have gone through - YOU have solved my problem. After all my months, I flew no problem from Edinburgh to Heathrow. THANKS! Gaz
  2. It really means a lot to me that you got back with a likely solution. As soon as I can, I'll let you know how that goes. Gaz
  3. Can anyone help? - I just can't get the HDG to the guiding the plane when I always have in the past.
  4. 4. taking off - AP not on yet Why isn't following?
  5. 1. I am about to taxi - no problems: 2. Ready to TO1 3. before TO, more info 4. taking off - AP not on yet 5. ap ON, but not following HDG 6. ignores that it has reached heading set in HDG. When reaching HDG path, it switches to ---*, but it doesn't change it's path, it just keeps going where the HDG was previously set to.
  6. Other than making the line in the ND (by making the reading "---*") solid, it still doesn't work (as you can can see on the pic). I cross the solid line, with the ND set to "---*", but that doesn't help. It's like it's missed it.
  7. I'm sorry for being stupid, but since I took-off here, the aircraft hasn't followed the flight-plan. If you see the pic, you'll must be able to see that the aircraft keeps simply not following the plan. Should the 'dot' be there to it can catch the path? So far that hasn't worked.
  8. Yeah, it's a ChasePlane - fixed. Thanks for the hint, @masterhawk Gaz
  9. I've found out what causes that message, but it doesn't help to fix the original problem: I can't get my view to change using my joystick.
  10. I've used a few aircraft in P3D, but I've never been in the state where I have this message in settings:
  11. It is something to do with this warning saying Note: Joystick Controllers are currently Disabled ? I've never seen this message before.
  12. It's still set to On-Board (ChasePlane), and it's always works. If I try Virtual Cockpit View, other than cockpit settings, I just get a blank screen from with Windows. Gaz
  13. The default EVENT is View (Pan), and by default it was set to HatSwitch 1, which I am told is right, in the settings I've not changed that. The pic shows that it is still set to default, but it doesn't work for me - the HatSwitch simply doesn't work! Please help! (A320) Gaz
  14. Thanks @Hanse. It looks good - I think it is the order a did things in. Gaz
  15. Hi. The checklist is on through the first part of loading the aircraft, and then I get a "aircraft is ready for pushback, captain", callout message to me. But now, in a v5 aircraft, the aircraft says nothing. It used to start the next checklist, but nothing happens! Even if I get GSX to push the aircraft back, it's like Aerosoft's pushback doesn't work like it used to, nothing happens - the copilot no longer wants to talk to you. Any help - please? Thanks, Gaz
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