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  1. Thank you, I appreciate. Actually, I have found that the Diamond 62 doesn't work for me (navigation wise), but the Diamond 20 does. I'll just investigate further.. Thanks.
  2. If you could provide the YouTube link, btw, that would be really good. I appreciate it. Indeed, I stopped looking at this entry because I was told it's the wrong place to ask questions. Whereas I stopped - and I started up again because it wasn't stopped by a moderator - I continued to use it. Now you are saying I shouldn't, yet it is still here for me. I would appreciate it if you could just allow @Herman to my request as he has suggested, then, please close this thread.
  3. I've tried. I think YouTube is a better support site than anything I found. I clearly made a mistake by not asking where would be best that I bought the software from. I thought that I was simply given a list, I was not given an impact of the different places on that list. This is now "moot" since I have been told that this one won't be supported, despite you knowing what you should if I bought it from Aerosoft (!!). My impression is that Aerosoft is all about $$$.
  4. I have to admit, I am getting upset about this. I will try to do the flight again and if it doesn't work I'll look at those zendesk links. I just find it a shame, and clearly a mistake on my part, to be at this point. Thanks for replying, everyone.
  5. I'm sorry, but I think I was told by one of the technical guys that, yes I have to go to Microsoft if it was a technical problem on my machine, but that is not the case here. 1. It doesn't matter how I bought this, it's the same software that is working the same way, not depending on where I bought it 2. If I couldn't install it, or there were differences in the software, depending on where I bought it (eg. how you operate an aircraft), I would understand what you are saying, this is not the case. It's the same software, and I'm asking for help, not on the technic
  6. That's what I do, but the aircraft ignores flying over the path and goes on, it does not join it.
  7. Hi. I'm having a bit of trouble here. I can take off with a flight plan loaded (into the bigger Diamond aircraft). I can't however, get the aircraft to follow the flight plan. I have assumed that I have to use the heading button, and that does work, until it over-flies the NAV path, but it does not do that - it just simply flies over the NAV path and stays on the path I gave it in the Heading? When I get close to the NAV path, should I be manually turning off the Heading switch? Would that fix it? If not, what else should I do to get the NAV function to work? G
  8. I take that means that I can ask questions that are only related to MSFS, rather than the whole package?
  9. it took me a lot of effort to choose MSFS while I was going to be supported (I was told) by Aerosoft. So now, after buying it from Microsoft, I am told that I don't get full (or any?) support from you because I bought from Microsoft, not Aerosoft. So do I get any support from Aerosoft, since I was told I would?
  10. This is not the first time this has happened to me, and I had a totally uninstall MSFS and reinstall it. My version is the MS version (not Steam) and currently, every so often, when I try to start MSFS it does not start the game, it takes me straight to the Microsoft Store: After that, I go into Control Panel to see if there any problems and I don't see any. I go to check if the app is installed, which it is. The app had been installed on the E-drive which I'm worried is the problem (I understand it had been updated and I'm worried that installing it not to the C-drive is th
  11. @Mathijs Kok - makes sense, thanks.
  12. @Mathijs Kok - true - but are none of the systems going to have a good traffic system? I understand XPlane has just come out with one? eg: https://www.justflight.com/product/traffic-global-xplane-windows
  13. Did you see the livery on the aircraft on your system? Did it equal the real livery you aircraft way flying? I have been flying from EGNT which is reality busy (normal) so I just wanted to make sure that is was like the real traffic.
  14. When I used P3D with Ultimate Traffic, to me, it was great, with the AI traffic. I felt I was in a real world seeing other aircraft appropriate to that area. Is there an add-on to the MS2020 there or planned? Gaz
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