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  1. I do use GSX, yes. I'll head off to them for support. Thanks
  2. In the cockpit, if I have the Options/Sounds checkbox checked, it's been perfect. For some reason, however, it sounds like there are some real people there! I can't find any option that would make it sound like I can only hear the noise from aircraft or copilot... Where are there other (mainly Canadian) voices coming from in the background, and how do I turn it off ?
  3. I thought so. I thread is worth closing. Thanks for replying. Gaz
  4. "British airways Airbus A319 taking off - stock photo" (below the photo). I'm not saying you're wrong and the person publishing the image was incorrect, btw. This is not a big thing - if they don't exist, I'm not going to do something stupid. I just wanted to know if one existed for Aerosoft P3Dv4.* or can someone produce one. Gaz
  5. Can someone produce this for the P3Dv4.* for me. I would appreciate it. https://www.gettyimages.ae/detail/photo/british-airways-airbus-a319-taking-off-royalty-free-image/1157513806
  6. I don't know if BAs A319 have sharklets or not, no. Thank you for helping. Gaz
  7. Sorry, I should have asked for it for P3Dv4.* Gaz
  8. Hi Does anyone know of a Livery for a319 on British Airways aircraft? I would like it with a Sharklet. I would appreciate it if anyone knows where I can get one, or even if they can make one for me! 😉 Thank you very much! Gaz
  9. I tried the A320 with sharklets again, and it worked, include the altitude. Best the close this and i'll post again if there's a problem. Gaz
  10. I've checked it out, and there seems to be a problem with version of the A320. I can never reach cruise altitude. As soon as I put in the one I originally created, it changes. So, I start my making a plan to climb to 32000. Normally I can stay there, but then it says on my MCDU2 that I need to go higher to 34000 (when it says that as soon as I get to the original altitude of 32000). But if I go up to 34000, there I get a message saying I have to go even higher (36000!!). If I constantly go higher, I'm told to go higher. What's causing this? Gaz
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. Can't see a problem now, so thanks for your help. Gaz
  12. @masterhawk I had a look at the instructions and found that there is no sharklet on there. I had to go to [C:\Program Files (x86)\aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320 IAE Professional] and move the new texture file there, then modify the aircraft.cfg file to include it. I then modified the aircraft.cfg to include the moden.EXTIAEShark, which was not in the download (which means that A320 was no different to the one that came with the A320 out of the box. In P3D, it seems to have worked by modifing the aircraf
  13. Thank you, I'll take a look as soon as I can. I'm not near my PC at the moment, but as soon as I take a look, I'll get back to you. Thanks!
  14. Hi I know there is a Speed Bird paint with winglets (A320 only I think) in this forum. (It's for P3D4.5) I downloaded it, but I'm always finding that it doesn't work. The setup works for the following folder, and the BA aircraft that came with the aircraft: C:\Prepar3D v4\ . (I know it's not the default.) I understand I need to put this extra aircraft somewhere and allow me to modify the aircraft.cfg. This is really confusing me - I know I have SimObjects folders in the C:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects directory, and one in the C:\Users\[userid]\AppData\Roaming\Lockhee
  15. Thank you, that fixes my problem.
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