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  1. Sorry - but the display settings 2d transparency seems to have caused the problem. FIXED! Gaz
  2. For the A318-A321 problem: I know this is an odd question, but I have just upgraded to P3Dv5 (the latest one), and a couple of problems have developed. The first is to do with the MCDU (shift 2 on the old version) and shift 4, for managing the plane (fuel, etc). The problem is that these two keys don't seem to do anything - they don't bring up the MCDU windows. However, there seems to be two menu items saying are up. Although the bottom 2 items are ticked, they are the ones missing. The other problem in this version of the aircraft is that it doesn't show you a button used to bring up other views. On v5 it shows a button on both sides, just for changing views, but they are not here. Please help...
  3. @Hanse I can't believe this, but the SimBrief produces the flight plan and loads it correct Airbus when set. The problem with SimBrief doesn't create a good plan. The one I had the create was EGNT/07 DCT UNTAL DCT GIRLI DCT TILNI DCT UVAVU DCT GASKO DCT POL DCT MCT DCT UTUXA DCT HON27 DCT BBW04 DCT DISIT DCT DELBO DCT CI19 DCT VP110 DCT OCK DCT EGKK/08R .. that was done manually because it doesn't seem to produce a good plan for me. Anyway @Hanse , I appreciate your help. Gaz
  4. @Hanse Thanks for getting back to me. Given what you said, I will try using SimBrief and let you know how it goes. Since I initially sent the initial problem. It works much better for EGNTEGKK, although still having a problem finding waypoints. It's a much lighter takeoff, and it works, but still seems to have an issue following the path. When I get to my PC I will send you the pln files. Thanks for getting back to me Gaz
  5. I use LittleNav Map to create the flight plan, and it works very well for the Weather and the P3D aircraft itself. However It does not for MCDU for entering the plan. I can show you here the correct plan: What the aircraft loads - as you can see there are many waypoints not in the list for the aircraft to follow: As you can see, there are many more waypoints in the LittleNav Map than have been inserted into the A320's system. It is only a problem for the aircraft - P3D imports it properly, ActiveSky imports it properly. So, why doesn't the MCDU not insert all of the waypoints? Gaz
  6. please ignore - found solution.
  7. Sorry to ask this again, but can someone tell me how to stop P3D A320 going around the cockpit automatically when the checklist has been selected? Thanks
  8. I do use GSX, yes. I'll head off to them for support. Thanks
  9. In the cockpit, if I have the Options/Sounds checkbox checked, it's been perfect. For some reason, however, it sounds like there are some real people there! I can't find any option that would make it sound like I can only hear the noise from aircraft or copilot... Where are there other (mainly Canadian) voices coming from in the background, and how do I turn it off ?
  10. I thought so. I thread is worth closing. Thanks for replying. Gaz
  11. "British airways Airbus A319 taking off - stock photo" (below the photo). I'm not saying you're wrong and the person publishing the image was incorrect, btw. This is not a big thing - if they don't exist, I'm not going to do something stupid. I just wanted to know if one existed for Aerosoft P3Dv4.* or can someone produce one. Gaz
  12. Can someone produce this for the P3Dv4.* for me. I would appreciate it. https://www.gettyimages.ae/detail/photo/british-airways-airbus-a319-taking-off-royalty-free-image/1157513806
  13. I don't know if BAs A319 have sharklets or not, no. Thank you for helping. Gaz
  14. Sorry, I should have asked for it for P3Dv4.* Gaz
  15. Hi Does anyone know of a Livery for a319 on British Airways aircraft? I would like it with a Sharklet. I would appreciate it if anyone knows where I can get one, or even if they can make one for me! 😉 Thank you very much! Gaz
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