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  1. https://www.justflight.com/product/aerosoft-a320-a321-professional
  2. Am I right in that the new are released - see below: https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-airbus-a320a321-professional-p3d4.phtml
  3. I have it at https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/576376-cant-run-45-still/?tab=comments#comment-4249622
  4. I know I have put this subject on here before, but I still have the problem and could with it being fixed. I bought v4 in 2018 and it has been fine. In April this year, I have bought v5. It's true to say that I have probably run out of v4 licenses because I've had to format my machine without uninstall the license that the machine is taking up. That's why I'vee run out of v4 licenses, and I have made this clear to Prepar3D, and the install on the new PC tells you to. Because P3Dv5 has been released, and that license allows you to install v4.5 software, I bought v5 Academic licenses for v5. So, since I have paid for Academic licenses twice (v4 & v5), I expect to see that it's an option for me, and I don't want v5 on there because of the addons (most of them of only on v4). So surely Prepar3d should show that I have licenses for both versions (I know not to install v5 yet). I'm not getting a reply to fix the is attached, and Prepar3D v4.5 I always get that error. Why?
  5. Hi. I used to use ChasePlane but I'm having nothing but problems with it and P3Dv5. My requirements (without ChasePlane if possible): changing the view to a single internal view that can be moved with the Hat Switch (sitting in the captain seat) changing the view to outside views, probably 4 or 5 or them (I don''t mind separate cameras or cycling around the views) when looking (what I had in 1 and 7 Num keys) externally, just using the hat switch to look around the cockpit from the captains seat Can you let me know for that when we get the new Airbuses'. It used to be easy, but I can't do it with other aircraft that come with P3Dv5. I know this might be an early post, but I've seen quite a few bad things about v5 and ChasePlane. Gaz
  6. Gary, did you figure out why the crew is stopping after climb?  I'm having the same issue since i did the latest update via uninstall and reinstall.




    1. GaryMcCl


      I don't remember that.. What was the post? If you've got a link to it, I might be able to help.



  7. Hi. Is it a good time to install v5 yet? I downloaded Prepar3D_v5_Academic_5.0.21.34709 and I wonder if I should wait for any updates and more importantly an Aerosoft a320 is updated? (I'm assuming the Aerosoft aircraft need updates for v5) I was advised to use https://fselite.net/prepar3d-v5-compatibility/ , but there aren't many changes to the addons, apparently! Gaz
  8. I'm a bit in shock, it's this that you said that appears to have solved the problem. I was doing all of your before, but the exception was your recommendation. BIG thank you! Gaz
  9. I can see where there are some differences, and I'll use your advice. Thanks Rolf
  10. i have create 2 videos, both on YouTube. This first video pushes the aircraft back to the left so i could travel to the right straight away. I did not realise this, but it work when you get bushed back this way: In this version, I got pushed back to the right, as I wanted to go to the other runway: I knew the problem only exists at GCTS, but I didn't realise the problem was limited to which Gate you're parked at, or which runway you have to leave from.
  11. I'm not sure to be honest, but I'll give it a go and get back to you. Hanse - No I don't get that call. But when I get a change (hopefully today) I will get a video done and uploaded. Gaz
  12. Sorry to be a bother about this, which I don't think I should be posting here, but I'm having some trouble with this airport that I bought (MK-STUDIOS Tenerife) . The aircraft I use is the Airbus Aerosoft A321, and it seems to work fine anywhere else but this airport. It therefore suggests to me that the problem is not with the aircraft - but I'm being pointed here, and it's possible. Basically, after pushback, a WAIT sight, but I get FOLLOW GSX INSTRUCTIONS instead and it does not go away. The discussion is here, and any help would be grateful : http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,23331.0.html Any help would be good. Thanks
  13. Hi Rolf Yeah, I went into that mcdu 2, but by the time I checked I noticed there was nothing highlighted in there. There are 2 pages in the Checklist area, and it has nothing going highlighted. Gaz
  14. Where/when does that get inserted into the MCDU? I don't think I've ever done anything with that... Is it the roller? Mine had 0.8 in there after the pushback checklist is done. Is there somewhere telling what that figure should be, or when I set it.
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