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  1. I don't know how, and I didn't mean it, but at 35,000ft I nearly hit another aircraft. See the video attached. nearlyCrashed.mp4
  2. everything seems to be ok now - I had to re-start the flight.
  3. I'm sorry about this, there is probably a quick and easy way to fix the problem; my two screens are not on (the nav and the pilot screen) will only stay red. How do I turn them on? Thanks, Gaz
  4. Hi I've been getting this on the speed for quite some time on the A320s. Basically, sometimes, when I'm coming in to land, I get a message shouting SPEED SPEED SPEED, despite me following the speed on the approach to the runway as I normally would. Usually, the speed then goes right up, as though I've set it to TOGA. I don't know why because I haven't touched the joystick, and I'm following the speed on approach as I normally would, and putting the flaps down as I normally would. It's like its shouting at me , yet I haven't changed the way I normally would. Usually, on approach, I slow the aircraft down, keeping the flaps 'in sync' and its perfect. Any help would be good. Gary
  5. Hi I'm creating a high altitude flight plan using Little NavMap, but when I manually add some waypoints my High altitude gets changed to a low altitude plan. What is making that change? Gaz
  6. Thanks Dave, I suspected that. If I was to use the standard MCDU3, how do you work out far back/direction you should use? I'm sure if you answer, if would be a big 'NO', lol. Gary
  7. I have tried this now, but when I get the QuickEdit map up, I can't change the direction of the nose, therefore, I'm always pointed in the wrong direction.
  8. Hi I have found in the past that the pushback is best done using GSX since it makes sure the aircraft neatly ends up in the centre of the taxiway. It used to be that I had to 'guess' how far back I needed to be - with other software (even including MCDU3) but not with GSX - you simply tell it is you want to be pushed left or right. The other, new, feature seems to let you have a visual from plan of where to be pushed. Either would be good, but neither work. Thanks for getting back to me. Gary
  9. Hi I've been keeping my A320s up to date and i've come into a problem or two. When I request a pushback, one of the options was to provide me with a 'Quick...', something, (I can remember the name). I don't know to manage that, and it had Slew in the bottom-right. If I choose the old-style option (e.g. push left/move right), where I give it an option, it one point in the checklist it tells me to 'MOVE STICK LEFT OR RIGHT', where I get the aircraft shivering, and can't continue. (in this case I get CINEMATOGRAPHER in the bottom-right.) Can you let me know with with either of the problems? Thanks Gary
  10. test done. each element of P3D needs to be reinstalled to Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.5.13.32097 at least (individually). if you are using ActiveSky, that needed updated as well. that got it all done. Gary
  11. There are quite a few things I need to do so far, I have learnt. The HiFi weather function is just a start. To get flight sim the acknowledge that an update has been made, I was taught in the past that I know it was only the client_install that needed to update, but in this case that didn't work (although my fix has not been tested yet - I'll have to do that tomorrow). Gary
  12. Hi. I'm sorry for putting this here, but I really need some help... I tried to fly after upgrading P3D yesterday, but the HDG setting is on. It ignored my setting there, however, so I put a post on here ( see below ). I still have this problem - both P3D and the A320s haave been updated today, but the the HDG function doesn't work while it should be following a flight plan. Any help would be really appreciated. Gary
  13. Hi It still did not work - seems the same to me. Any advice would be appreciated! Gary
  14. Thanks Dave, trying it out now.. Gary
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