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  1. I'm very interested in having an upto date version of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Will it a part of next weeks releases? Thanks, Gaz
  2. I've got it now. Thanks. Gaz
  3. I can't find the Thrust Reveser command in P3D, but I do have the full version of FSUIPC. What do you recommend, and whichever, how do I set it up? Gaz
  4. GaryMcCl

    inside lights

    Hmmm... Well, I've just tried Shift+L again and it's working perfect. Sorry to bother you about this one! Gaz
  5. GaryMcCl

    inside lights

    Yeah. That didn't work. I'll try it again in a few minutes. Thanks Dave
  6. GaryMcCl

    inside lights

    I have never got the passenger or cockpits lights to work, but by mistake I pressed the L-key by itself. I think the documentation says that the L key would toggle ALL lights. Is there was way of only getting the passengers lights to light up. Gaz
  7. Hi, When I'm landing I have used the reverse thrust by pressing F2 (Dave told me this the other day, so it makes). When I press now, I don't hear the engines get noiser, not does it actually work- it doesn't help with slowing the aircraft down. Would there be a reason to not have a reverse thrust. On the screen in the cockpit, it comes up with REV very shortly, and it doesn't work... Thanks, Gaz
  8. Nope - I restarted P3D and it came back on. Very odd. I think this needs to be closed. Gaz
  9. Hi Quick question regarding my MCDU (2) screen being blank. Why Would it be like that and how do I fix it? It's the screen where I enter the plan. The one near the copilot is working fine. Thanks! Gaz
  10. yeah, but i'd taken that function away from Shift Z. I've but it back there now. Thanks for getting back to me really quick, Richard. Gaz
  11. Hi I can normally press a button and cycle through (at the top of thee screen) a red showing basic ops, 2 red lines, where one bit of data is the frames/sec and the last option is nothing (which is nothing). What do you call this feature? I've clearly been messing around with the keyboard and I've lost the default and what it was called? Thanks! Gaz
  12. I need some advice on how I set the breaks for landing. I know there is a set of buttons on the cockpit for setting to low/medium/high, but I have a problem setting the reverse thrust when we've touched down. Am I simply suppose to use F2? Thanks, Gaz
  13. Yeah - it's installed now. Thanks for that! Gaz
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