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  1. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know of another system I can use to fuel the aircraft? g
  2. Hi This is regarding an example flight EGLL to GCTS. That website shows it's coming out with the same amount of fuel (roughly) than the fuel tool that came with the aircraft on the Aerosoft A320. I'm really dissapointed because the A321 can't reach GCTS because it can't be loaded with either cargo or passengers (weight problem!). I've done that flight before - irl. So how do I get it to fly that distance? g
  3. Thanks for this, unfortunately I'm not sure if I can do it today (not feeling too well). I know this is obvious, but how do I tell what version of FSDT do I have installed? Whatever version, I will do as you said and see how it goes. I'll get back to you about it. Thanks, Gary
  4. It would involve quite a few videos. I've gone through what I would when it was all working and made a list of results on the GSX forum : http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,22923.0.html
  5. Rolf I''m still getting problems where the aircraft does not want to fill properly. It nearly gets to the full CARGO amount, but then it stops. On the outside view the cargo trucks are leaving me - in the cockpit I still need more CARGO according to the flashing CARGO light. That means it DOESN'T wants me to leave - because I do not have enough cargo loaded. This means I can't even expect a checklist for departure as we need more cargo. It is a problem in GSX because of either the way I use the fueling, or the way I use one of the other functions (CATERING??). Any help would be good. Gaz
  6. Sorry, but what I mean is that I lose both of the functions you mention - he changes nothing anymore, and makes no calls. I'll look at the settings and let you know. Given your reply, can I just ask what a 'hotkey' is..?
  7. I lost a lot recently for some reason - but I didn't buy the a330. A few days after that it nearly all got fixed ; I just keep it up to date - keep an eye on this forum.
  8. This is on the A318, A319, A320 and A321. The problem is that in many cases I lose my copilot during flight. Before takeoff and just after, it works fine; but that's it in many cases for me. When I say 'lose' the copilot, I mean it no longer talks to me, and no help for the landing or taxiing (eg. I have to turn on the APU and go through any checklists on my own). How do I find out how I lose it?
  9. Thanks for updating the A318-21 aircraft, your changes have made a good, big difference. I still have one issue left, which is refueling. The only way I can do it as normal, is not request the refueling truck anymore. It will work, but it takes about 10 minutes to start filling my aircraft AFTER it arrives: I tell GSX to fill the tank, the truck comes I tell the aircraft that it needs to be loaded, but nothing changes Sometimes, after about 7-8 minutes, it starts loading fuel If I don't use the truck at all - I start getting fueled straight away ( but not by telling GSX), the fuel digit in the cockpit starts going up straight away. Can it be fixed to use the truck/normal as before?
  10. Sorry Rolf, I didn't know if it was my fault or not. Keep going and I'll stop bothering you - you're a great team. Gaz
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