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Xplane A350 navidata can not update

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I don't know if it is weathered to spend money to buy a product I'm having problems with for weeks Iv'e been keeping on seeking for help as if I'm begging for free. I hope someone from Xplane A350 those whose sell it should hear my voice soon as possible, this is my fourth post for help.

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Hello ,


you don't must post new posts for the same problem.

If nobody can answer here, please open a ticket from this page.


May be a support officer from us (Aerosoft) can help.


As I know (only for our NavDataPro), the A350 XWB uses the nav-data from the X-Plane 11 Custom Data folder and here the GNS430 folder.

With our NavDataPro you can update this navdata folders as described here.

May be it is possible with Navigraph too in this way...


Here you find another post with the X-Plane Org Forum (oficially support for the A350 XWB:





Greets Heinz


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I'm very frustrated that's why anyway I'll try it and give you a feed back within this days. Thanks

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