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  1. Yes it not working so I will get to FlightFactor. Thanks
  2. I'm very frustrated with Xplane to a point I ought to delete and install till now I'm having this error, where can I re-activate it from Thanks
  3. I'm very frustrated that's why anyway I'll try it and give you a feed back within this days. Thanks
  4. I don't know if it is weathered to spend money to buy a product I'm having problems with for weeks Iv'e been keeping on seeking for help as if I'm begging for free. I hope someone from Xplane A350 those whose sell it should hear my voice soon as possible, this is my fourth post for help.
  5. Hello sorry for late reply. I've reinstalled everything again and it ok now But I have another problem with A350 in XPLANE I'not able to Load flight plan generated by simbrief also to update FMC airach from navigraph, I have tried example on You Tube it doesn't work see the attached., can anyone help me out. Thanks
  6. Hi there I'm move P3d Professional airbus family, what I'm experience is when press to/go the speed activated in few seconds later it drops, A/P is engaged still the throutle is active, also G/S and ILS are really not working. What might be the error? Thanks
  7. Thank you guys I've ticked 10 X. thanks
  8. Hello I'm suddenly have this problem with these two mega airport MEGA-AIRPORT-AMSTERDAM_FSX and Frankfurt airport became blurred I deleted everything re-installed still I've spent 4 hours downloading everything new yet still . Please attached are the pictures please I need help Thanks
  9. this passion is becoming expensive and complex
  10. Hello I'm having problem to install mega Frankfurt and Schiphol airport in P3D V4.3 the v3 was only appeared. are they compatible to V4 or what to do? Thanks
  11. agblesai

    P3D v4

    Alright thank you butwhat about if i want to update to A318/A319 Professionalis there discount
  12. agblesai

    P3D v4

    ok The screen shot you link was airbus update, anyway I'm downloading the latest
  13. agblesai

    P3D v4

    Hello Tom do i need to update P3Dv4 or the airbus ???
  14. agblesai

    P3D v4

    ok Thanks i will update it and let you know by tomorrow
  15. agblesai

    P3D v4

    Sir P3Dv4.0 Thanks
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