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black screens

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There is any idea for those black screens?..
I talking about all the airbus models v1.31 for p3d v4..
The MCPU doesnt work too and the throttle is not responding..

and the first MCDU too...
I've tried to reinstall, reboot and this is not working.
Please help.


My system:
Windows 10 SP1
P3D v4.


Best Regards,

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The version of the Airbus you have is not compatible with P3Dv4.

you need the new Airbus Professional, which is available as an upgrade to your existing Airbus.

Also you screenshot does not look like using Windows 10, more like Windows 7 and the new Airbus will not run under Windows 7

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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