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Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg Proffesional Configurator Issue

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Hi all,

I just bought the P3D v4 update for mega airport Berlin Brandenburg and everything has been fine so far except the scenery configurator. The issue is, that because I have P3D installed on my E: drive, when I start the configurator up, I get the message which you will see in the attached picture, stating that it can't find my P3D root file. Anyone has any ideas on how I could fix the issue?

Thanks in advance for any help, F.


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Then your P3D Registry entry point to the wrong directory.

Can‘t give you the name of the entry, as i am not at my PC for the next days.

When you change it to the correct install path, the configtool will find the prepar3D.exe (and all other installer or tools need the entry correct)

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