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Matthias Markus

TOD-difference between ND and MCDU-FPLAN-page

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Hallo everyone,

I realized a difference between the distance PP to TOD shown at ND and Flightplanpage several times on A 320 and A 321 under different circumstances like Flightplan, cruise-FL or so. Look at the screenshots please!




Distance here seems to be about 25 NM!




On MCDU Flightplan page you can see distance is shown as 51 NM.

Thank you for your replies!





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Hello Matthias,

Could you please post the departure airport, destination airport and the route you flew and I will check it out myself.

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Hello Secondator,

I flew EDDH/LOWW, route: AMLUH UL619 BUMIL DCT SOGMA DCT MILGU DCT OMELO Z21 VOZ M725 LANUX DCT WGM. I am sorry, but I do not know SID and STAR anymore. Will fly this route again too and would send the logfile, if the problem appears again.

Thank you, greetings,


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