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PFPX World map cursor stuck on hand.... :(

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normally i use PFPX's world map to check for airports to go to by hovering over them with the mouse cursor to see information about the airport ( including runways and other useful data ). but for some reason, even after restarting PFPX, the mouse cursor stays on the hand mode with the pointing index finger..... that makes it so hovering over airports does not reveal the airport information. such a tiny issue turns PFPX entirely useless to me because i have no way to quickly verify suitable airports :(


any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated.


kind regards

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Hello All,

  I just installed this today and am having the same issues.  I use a single monitor set up and this is what I have noticed.

  1. Using the world map in the schedules/planning screen the had turn into a black cross hair and you can select or view information
  2. If I am in the traffic hand the hand does not change and I can't hover or select anything.


Andreas Elesky

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