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  1. @FlightSimSoft.com yes that is old news by now. i would appreciate it if you can tell me if anyone is at least intending to fix the issue.
  2. @srcooke is the fix for this issue underway? i can confirm that i can hover over an airport on the map to see the information as long as PFPX is on my main screen. better than nothing.....
  3. @srcooke yes. i have two monitors. the main one is 1920x1200 and the other is 1280x1024. i mainly use PFPX on the latter.
  4. hello, normally i use PFPX's world map to check for airports to go to by hovering over them with the mouse cursor to see information about the airport ( including runways and other useful data ). but for some reason, even after restarting PFPX, the mouse cursor stays on the hand mode with the pointing index finger..... that makes it so hovering over airports does not reveal the airport information. such a tiny issue turns PFPX entirely useless to me because i have no way to quickly verify suitable airports any help with this issue will be greatly appreciated. kind regards
  5. Ow... Why the hack isn't there autopilot? It is an very modern aircraft!
  6. Hey guys, A few days ago I got the idea to start practicing escorting planes. But I experienced several problems: it was very hard to stay steady at the side of an aircraft because my speed wasn't the same as the plane I was escorting! I have searched my eyes out looking for the autothrottle part in the pdf manual but I couldn't find it. Can someone please shed me some light? Thanks! Chears, Extremepilot4Delta
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