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Version / A318/A319 - Significantly improved descent behaviour, improve climb rate

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3 flights with A319 cfm
1 flight with A319 IAE

Fortunately, the descent behaviour, at least of the A318/A319, has improved significantly.
Three flights with the A319cfm and one with the A319IAE and TOD were perfectly calculated for all four approaches. 
Even the ASPA4W-STAR with the Altitude constraints (LOWW-->EDDF), which was difficult for the buses up to now, was flown off flawlessly and quite evenly.

Now the Dev can treat themselves to a beer😎


The only flaw I see is the climb behaviour of the IAE version of the A319 in "Managed Mode". 
While with the same weights the cfm version masters the climb to e.g. FL340 without any problems, the IAE version's climb rate to FL340 above FL220 decreases very much and goes down to approx. 500-700ftmin. 
But after switching to the "Selected Mode" I was able to increase the climb rate to 1500ft/min without any problems, without reducing the speed.


regards, Wolfgang

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