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FSX CRJ - VATSIM Radio Timeout When Flying Online

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When flying the CRJ online, I typically set the aircraft up from cold and dark, and work my way up on ground power up to just before starting the APU. Usually, the full flow, and sitting around at home and texting on facebook, watching netflix, etc., usually takes about half an hour to an hour before I start my APU.


In this timeframe, I tend to notice that, at some point around the half-hour mark, the radio I had tuned to a controller frequency just dies out. I can't receive or transmit on this frequency. There are no visible system changes in the CRJ when that happens. 


This persists until I start the APU. Once the APU is online, the radio comes back to life. I don't observe any visible system changes.


This was done with FSX, on VATSIM, with vPilot, with the latest update for the CRJ as of today. I don't observe the same behavior with other addon aircraft.

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After about half an hour, the battery runs empty.... nothing left to power the radios. Just switch on the APU (or ground power) right after the battery and you're fine. Also, Facebook and Netflix are not part of the power up checklist and should be skipped at all cost!

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7 hours ago, Hans Hartmann said:

After about half an hour, the battery runs empty....


Sorry, should have mentioned this was all being done on Ground Power.


Netflix is a bad habit when flying, but you get the idea lol

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