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Sorting in the schedule editor

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I have been using the schedule editor to set up flight numbers and recurrence for my personal fictional airline. The list of flights is automatically sorted by STD which makes the list a mess once you start getting a lot of scheduled flights.


Would it be possible to enable sorting for this table? Filtering would be great too, for instance to be able to see all flights between an airport pair, or which flights depart on a given day of the week.



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3 hours ago, srcooke said:

You can currently filter to some degree with the search tool using for example airport or aircraft registration.


I think I need to specify it is the Schedule Editor I am talking about:



And it does seem like it doesn't sort by anything useful but entry into the list. If I add a new flight, it'll end up on the bottom.

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Show only scheduled flight between LIMC > LIEO for the next 7 days. 




Show me only flight # IG1106




Show the flights out of LIRF today only




Show ALL flights for Friday the 1st Feb




show all the flights from London(Gatwick) on the 11 Feb 2019





Show only flight # that start with IG11




Show ALL legs of flight #IG518



What flights have been allocated to an aircraft



What flights have been allocated to a fleet of aircraft that start with I-DAC





PFPX will also allocate 'fuel tankering', once you have PFPX setup.





What else would you need to see when you are dispatching/planning?

The functionality of the schedule screen and also the schedule editor is very powerful. 


PFPX is a very powerful tool, once you get everything setup 'correctly'(this is the key) and have some understanding of Dispatching/planning works.

It has taken my sometime to get this with a hell of lot of help and me asking 'numpty questions', but is so worth it and adds that 'extra' to your flights IF you so want it. 

OR just plan a flight from A>B  compute it then export to SIM flight plan format and the just fly it. No need to validate it at all. 

It up to you what every you want to do. 

IS there a learning curve to get the most from PFPX, there sure is, just like any software, but it sure is worth that little bit of effort.


Hope this helps



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Hello Clive,


This is a lot of very good information that I can surely use for my scheduling efforts. As you say:

3 hours ago, alpha117 said:

It has taken my sometime to get this with a hell of lot of help and me asking 'numpty questions', but is so worth it and adds that 'extra' to your flights IF you so want it. 


I'm sure I will be asking these numpty questions for a while as I get used to the more advanced features. The original question for me was to sort the list, but I see now that the search function is a lot more powerful than I imagined, and I will have to work some more to get used to it.


How does PFPX recognize that there is a next leg for a flight? Based on which aircraft is assigned to the routes and the time?


Totally unrelated to the original topic, do you use some software for planning which commercial flight numbers to use for certain legs? It is one of the things that I've spent a lot of time thinking about, and struggling to find a good "pattern". I have way too many concepts for my fictional airline but I can't quite decide on what to use, and as you see in my example I tend to use the same as the commercial number. Looking at your last post, the pdf will be of good use for me to figure out what callsigns to use at least, it is just figuring out the commercial numbers.


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5 hours ago, alpha117 said:




Also, I am looking at this and can't quite see why you have the same flight number on two identical flights (IG3231). Also having two identical flight numbers - one to LIEO and one from LIEO with overlapping times. I'd love to hear your reasoning behind it.

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The Aircraft allocated is the key






Just so happens in the Timetable these flight would leave one after the other from LEBL and both had the same flight #. So you can have the same flight number BUT you must have different callsigns. I could have have changed it(73C) to 76C or 77M, to make it stand out more. It's up to you. Only the real world dispatcher would know where both these flight are schedule to leave at the same time; there migh be a good reason, might be that I-DACP, next flight is scheduled to leave at 1400hrs.


What you will find is that the 'schedule' screen can become a bit confusing and when you are planning it is better to use the Schedule editor to get a clearer picture. I move from one to the other all the time, especially as your schedule gets bigger and bigger and the second leg leave on a different day.


I find it easier to see if a flight has a 'next leg' is to look at the flight you are planning in the schedule editor.  This does not mean if you have more than one leg in a flight you will get 'fuel tankering'; this will only happen when you have set up more data in PFPX for fuel tanking to be thought about. Depending on your routes it can take from a few hours to a few days to get the base data into PFPX. You then have to get taxi in/out times for each airports along with taxi fuel. It's very time consuming but once it is done its done and the benefits out weigh the data input.


Flight numbers you can get from places like 'flightaware' they also have the callsigns . Or if you can get hold of a timetable from an airline that is even better.


Trust me I've came very close of 'not bothering' in setting up this schedule and its not finished yet about another 4hrs work. 


How 'real' to you want to be that is the question to be honest


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What I use so I can see flight to different countries is to use the callsign's first digit. You cannot change the flight number if you are using real world flight numbers, wouldn't be real then!!


Here is what I use

Flights to/from:


UK : 4

Domestic : 5

France : 6

Germany : 7

Switzerland : 8

Spain : 9


So for flight to/from Germany the callsign would be 74C  as an example

Flight to /from Spain the callsign would be 94C asan example.


That way you can the do the 'show me all my flights to/from a country'.......really handy BTW


Now notice my error in my schedule in the post above!!  I've amended my schedule already so all is good. 


I do not allocate aircraft to flights when creating a schedule flight, I do that at the planning stage; I find it easier that way, otherwise you would need a spreadsheet to keep track of aircraft usage; to much work for little old me!




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Thanks for the insight into your planning procedure. I'm still struggling to see how it recognises the next leg in a flight. Would that only work if the flights have the same flight number, or can you link it up in some other way?


Ref this screenshot of yours:

8 hours ago, alpha117 said:





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PFPX looks at 

1. Is the same aircraft allocated on both legs

2. Airports



Also make sure that the callsigns are different for each leg. 

You will only see the Costs text if you have tankering setup in PFPX, otherwise PFPX is not bothered about the next leg


In the costing text there is 3 words that you will see




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13 minutes ago, alpha117 said:

You will only see the Costs text if you have tankering setup in PFPX


Okay, so I'd have to set up costs for the fuel, and then make sure I plan the leg I want to tanker for first. That makes it a bit simpler. Do you have a suggestion for where I could either find a price database, or something I can use for it? I haven't really got any experience with fuel costs or operational cost per flight hour etc.

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No problem, as I have said if it was not for all the help I have been given then I would not be at this stage now, bearing in mind I only know a very small amount compared to the 'team', some of which are on here.


Any questions just ask away

Happy scheduling

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What you might find helpful going forward, is to use the remarks column on the schedule page. Handy if you have a lot of daily scheduled flight.





I use it for multi legged flight, that way as I come to plan them I know at a glance if that flight has another leg.

Also notice that I already have cargo booked on the 0600hrs out of LIEA, But I still need to allocate a crew.


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6 minutes ago, alpha117 said:

Thank you very much, I can use that as a reference for my fictional airline.

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