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What happened to INTC CRS?

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Been flying the newly updated CRJ and have noticed the INTC CRS no longer appears on the LEGS page when selecting a waypoint. This function is quite useful, especially when being vectored onto an ILS approach. Say you're flying an ILS with a final app course of 125 and the final app fix is FALIA. While being vectored onto the approach you'd like to "activate" the approach in some way in the FMS to get an extended centerline to the FAP rather than just going DIRECT to FALIA so the FMS sequences the waypoints properly. So you'd accomplish this by selecting FALIA on the legs page and put in 125 in the INTC CRS line and execute.

I've seen this in the CRJ before, quite some time ago. It is even shown in the documentation, but no mention is made about its function.

You can see here from Vol6_FMS documentation:


And here is documentation I have found in FCOM for the CRJ900:

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