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Stopping autopilot alarm

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Did my first flight yesterday and all was good except that after take off I tried to engage the autopilot and it wouldn't stay on. I realised that I needed to ensure I was following the flight director paths before it would engage and indeed it did just that once I was settled in the climb out. However though the autopilot was engaged the autopilot alarm continued to "bleepadebleep" throughout the entire flight until I disengaged it on final approach having descended on the ILS.


I tried using "Z" on my keyboard to shut it up but to no avail. Is there a switch somewhere to silence it?


Thanks for all assistance.



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If the autopilot disconnects in that way and the alarm stays on afterwards, it's almost 100% certain a problem with the joystick/yoke nullzone being too small. Either try to recalibrate or change the "AP Disconnect Sensitivity" on the Options page in DAVE (the tablet on the left) to MED or HIGH. This should help.

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