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  1. SOLVED!!! It turned out that my new TCM Airbus stick which I programmed the left "black" stick button for Vatsim PTT was also programmed for elevator down trim (default I guess). So every time I spoke to a controller the trim disappeared down! A bit awkward when you finish up confirming take off 26L at a busy Gatwick then having to retrim! All sorted now. Thanks anyway guys! Tony
  2. Thanks Dave The problem only occurs on the ground during taxi after start and once I reset it after the take off test button tells me about it it stays there and flies very well. So autopilot functions normally. The Thrustmaster TCM Airbus stick and quadrant has no separate software you simply set it up in P3D control options or FSCUIP (whichever you prefer). I have been setting the trim up manually turn the trim wheel rather than using the keyboard number keys 7,4 and 1, I wonder if that was it? I will continue to test the options and report back if I find anything. Hi Goshob Thanks for the reply. I don't use PFPX but I do use Ctrl+. for my brakes but thanks anyway. Thanks both for the help. Tony
  3. I have had a strange problem on some recent flights. After push and start I set the elevator trim to the settings shown in both the fuel planner and aircraft MCDU. All is well and I set off for the taxi to the hold point. Before reaching the hold point I hit the take off check button and see the trim has dropped back to its lowest setting from where I had set it. I certainly haven't hit any other conflicting buttons on the way and never have seen this happen before. The only thing different recently has been the installation of my new Thrustmaster TCM Airbus stick and throttle quadrant but that should have no bearing on the trim? Any thoughts gratefully accepted as always.
  4. Aaaargh! I can see what I HAVE NOT done Otto! I didn't use the "lateral" arrow keys to move to SIDs and STARs. I guess its been a while since I used this aircraft and to be honest my ageing brain is still in the days of the Extended versions which didn't have that method. So sorry to have wasted your time and thank you so much for giving up your Sunday to help me. Tony
  5. Sorry what I meant was there were NO SIDs or STARs at all at either the departure or arrival airports
  6. No problem. I just flew from Faro to Gatwick. Out of Faro I could choose runway 28 and my plan had EVURA as the first waypoint. No SIDs were available. Into Gatwick I could choose 26L and the VIA option gave me WILLO which indeed gave me the correct course onto the ILS via MAY. What I could not get was any STAR option leading onto WILLO from my final waypoint of OTMET.
  7. I have just reinstalled the above in a general reinstallation of P3Dv4.5. I thought I checked all the right boxes and did a specific Navigraph update. I also checked that the latest data was in the A3XX/Navigraph folder. The aircraft MCDU however shows no SID or STAR options only runway and VIA options for the arrival airport. I feel sure that there must be a box I haven't checked somewhere but simply can't find it. I did check the Navigraph option in the Configurator I found from the Start Menu options but that hasn't helped. Any thoughts gratefully received! Tony
  8. Hi Dave


    Thanks for the help yesterday re Lukla.

    Well I flew out of there fist of all to Kathmandu with Active Sky for P3D switched off and no problems at all.
    I tried to fly back again in the Twin Otter twice again without Active Sky and did manage to get onto the approach to Lukla once before CTD occurred.
    So I thought I would try it with something simple like the default P3D Commander and indeed made it all the way in until on landing I was faced with a green "hill" halfway along the runway.
    To explain the above I attach some screenshots of both the Twin Otter CTD and the Commander on top of the hill!
    I used Little Nav Map for my plan and it shows the two Luklas (defualt and Aerosoft) 1.3 nm apart! 
    Yes I have deactivated Lukla in FTX vector. As I say I can fly out of there but not into it.
    I stress that when I loaded it and flew out of it all was fine. When I loaded a new flight and went back it wasn't!
    Another interesting comment you may like to pass to Otto (I am not going to post this on the Aerosoft site) is the part of the software installation process that offers it for P3Dv4. I would be interested to know how he explains that one when he says it is only suitable for v3!
    Hope this helps


    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 12.12 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 05.17 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 04.38 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 04.34 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 02.57 PM.PNG

    1. DaveCT2003




      Please remember not to respond to notification email messages.  If you respond directly to notification emails, the response goes into a black hole.  One of our guys recently stumbled on such a reply from you.  Instead of replying to a notification email, you need to click on the link provided in the email itself.


      There is no way for he to help you with this without knowing all you did (step by step) with all sorts of software installations.  Also, since the scenery is truly not P3Dv4 compatible, there is little point in doing so.  But from what I see, you have some pf the scenery files still present in P3D (like the sloped runway). You will have to find where these files are and remove them, but since i don't have this scenery I can be of no help to you with this.


      We re-use files between different products, and this includes installer templates. I believe this is what happened, and why there is a P3Dv4 selection in the installer.  In other words, we made a mistake.


      Best wishes!


  9. Bingo! Thanks very much!!!!
  10. I have bought many Mega sceneries with never a problem but for some reason the Zurich FSX I bought today wont work. It installed as usual and even shows as no 1 in the Scenery Library but when I choose Zurich in my FSX only the original default traffic shows (with the Mega scenery traffic driving around!). Help!!!!!
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