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  1. Oh I knew it Romano I just didn't action it!
  2. Yes doing the flight now and behaving perfectly. I know the problem (apart from me getting old). I have used the Aerosoft Airbuses since the first version and this is the first one that (quite rightly in tune with the real world) requires you to push the ALT knob. The others were always preset. Bad habits!!! Anyway this thread may be useful when someone else does the same thing. I doubt I am alone! Sorry to take up your time but thanks for the help anyway.
  3. Uggghh! I know what I didn't do! I can see it now in the screenshots! I didn't hit the Alt knob and put it into autopilot mode! What a prize *********! My mum said "Tony don't grow old it's no fun" and guess what? She was right!!!
  4. Ok so I tried again today and was meticulous in my set up. Loading the 3xx loadsheet to get the fuel weight and balance correct then following the correct checklist procedures. But once again as soon as I switch on autopilot it wants to climb the aircraft through the roof. If I leave auto thrust on and manually fly the route it will stay within limits. However if I manually take it right up to cruise then switch on autopilot again it climbs at 6/7000 ft/min then descends violently passing the cruise altitude and goes into high speed after which it pitches up passing cruise altitude again until it heads towards a stall. I am at a loss to know what I am doing wrong. I flew the old Airbus series including Extended and never had the same problem. Obviously there is something wrong or I am doing something wrong. Thanks for any help. Screenshots attached the first is in the initial climb after switching on the AP1. The second is where I have manually flown it to cruise (34,000 ft) then the third is what happens as soon as I switch on AP1 (or 2).
  5. It is the 321-211 CFM version. I will try the same flight tomorrow and see what happens. Also take a screenshot if it happens and post here. Thanks for the reply!
  6. I am using the A321 Professional for the first time (used the 318/19/20 lots of times. In the climb using autopilot and with Thrust Climb set suddenly decides to climb at a crazy rate and the speed drops until you have to disconnect the autopilot and manually fly it or stall! I flew it up to cruise altitude and switched the autopilot back on but again it pitches violently at crazy climb ascents then tries to correct descending in violent nose pitching down. Totally unflyable. What am I missing here? Never happened in all the Aerosoft Airbuses I have flown. Any assistance gratefully received!
  7. Its ok I found the answer. I ran Livery Manager "As Administrator" and they appear! It was important as I can back them up and have them as working zips for others to use properly with the Livery Manager. Tony
  8. I tried installing our VA liveries through the Livery Manager but for whatever reason they showed in the Manager (without a picture!) but not in P3Dv4. So I assumed there was an inaccuracy in the livery zip and manually installed these. They work fine. My question is, having manually installed them, should they not show up when I start Livery Manager as installed liveries? Nothing but default shows up in mine. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Dave


    Thanks for the help yesterday re Lukla.

    Well I flew out of there fist of all to Kathmandu with Active Sky for P3D switched off and no problems at all.
    I tried to fly back again in the Twin Otter twice again without Active Sky and did manage to get onto the approach to Lukla once before CTD occurred.
    So I thought I would try it with something simple like the default P3D Commander and indeed made it all the way in until on landing I was faced with a green "hill" halfway along the runway.
    To explain the above I attach some screenshots of both the Twin Otter CTD and the Commander on top of the hill!
    I used Little Nav Map for my plan and it shows the two Luklas (defualt and Aerosoft) 1.3 nm apart! 
    Yes I have deactivated Lukla in FTX vector. As I say I can fly out of there but not into it.
    I stress that when I loaded it and flew out of it all was fine. When I loaded a new flight and went back it wasn't!
    Another interesting comment you may like to pass to Otto (I am not going to post this on the Aerosoft site) is the part of the software installation process that offers it for P3Dv4. I would be interested to know how he explains that one when he says it is only suitable for v3!
    Hope this helps


    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 12.12 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 05.17 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 04.38 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 04.34 PM.PNG

    Screen Shot 07-02-19 at 02.57 PM.PNG

    1. DaveCT2003




      Please remember not to respond to notification email messages.  If you respond directly to notification emails, the response goes into a black hole.  One of our guys recently stumbled on such a reply from you.  Instead of replying to a notification email, you need to click on the link provided in the email itself.


      There is no way for he to help you with this without knowing all you did (step by step) with all sorts of software installations.  Also, since the scenery is truly not P3Dv4 compatible, there is little point in doing so.  But from what I see, you have some pf the scenery files still present in P3D (like the sloped runway). You will have to find where these files are and remove them, but since i don't have this scenery I can be of no help to you with this.


      We re-use files between different products, and this includes installer templates. I believe this is what happened, and why there is a P3Dv4 selection in the installer.  In other words, we made a mistake.


      Best wishes!


  10. Mopperle I can see that on the official page but can you explain why this has not been made clear in the other threads on the subject that it doesn't work in V4? Indeed to quote your "Deputy" "Masterhawk" he said in a thread in the thread of September 2017 "The now released Version is just an update for P3Dv4. A new Version is already in development, so it doesn't make sense to invest time into this "old" version." Or perhaps this Facebook announcement on FS Elite You can understand where all the confusion is coming from. In order no more people waste their money on this product can I suggest you put a large note on the product page to say - THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT WORK IN P3D V4! or even "MAY NOT" if you prefer!
  11. Moperle - I am using P3Dv4.4 new to me this year on a very much updated and powerful PC. Mathijs - You say you can't create it on your machines and you sold tens of thousands of this product. fair enough. But there are a lot of users discontent with it and how many are using the P3D, Orbx mixture. I have seen this happen once before in FSX and it turned out to be a problem with UK 2000s VFR UK regions where one tiny part of that region conflicted with another. I realise it is your developer that needs to sort this and you simply sell the product. There is a conflict here without a doubt. It isn't as if I have a load other software installed (freeware or payware) to cause the problem. The problem is your Lukla product. I have no idea why but it is conflicting with other products. Possibly Orbx. If I get the time perhaps I will try sometime to do that flight without Orbx switched on. I will do the flight in reverse and see what happens anyway.
  12. Ok so I have seen all the threads about CTDs and Lukla but my problem proved without doubt there is a serious conflict between your scenery and either P3D or Orbx. I flew the Aerosoft Twin Otter between Kathmandu and Lukla via the KIMLI intersection. Now just to be sure that the Lukla scenery worked ok (I bought it just yesterday) I loaded it and adjusted the FTX Vector airport altitude to suit. It works just fine flying out of there. I switched to a Kathmandu position and flew the flight but at 15,000 ft just short of the KIMLI intersection (about 30 miles short of Lukla) I had a CTD (5 times). Now not being one (too bloody old) to do all this logging business I used the old fashioned but surefire way of finding the culprit. I uninstalled the Aerosoft Lukla and ran with Orbx, Active Sky for P3D and the Aerosoft Twin Otter. No problem at all (except trying to land on the idiotic place they have stuck Lukla). Now I have been a good client of Aerosoft over more years than I care to remember and will have to put my €20 down to experience but come on guys. After all these threads and so many people having CTDs on P3D and this product do you not think it is time to either fix the problem or take it off the market whilst you do. When I bought the original Aerosoft Airbus Extended series I remember happily downloading hotfixes and in effect being a beta tester for that product as it evolved. This is just a piece of relatively small scenery which clearly has not not been adequately tested on different PCs using P3D, Orbx and so on. More problematic is that I am Ops Director of a reasonably sized VA which has just included this in one of out "tours". I am going to have to tell 170 members to be careful of this product if they have P3D or simply remove that part of the tour.
  13. Brilliant Stephen thanks a lot mate! Tony
  14. As it looks likely I shall be making the leap to purchase PFPX shortly I have a question. I am the Operations Director of a non real world (fictional) VA and responsible for all its route planning and FMC plans. The product looks excellent but I was wondering if it is possible to add your own VA to the dropdown list of airlines together with the relevant flight code. I would imagine the answer is affirmative being such a sophisticated piece of software? Previously I have been a dedicated follower of Flight Sim Commander but since the developer (for very good reasons) decided not to develop for P3D I have been forced to look at a new route planning tool. I have say this one covers a great deal more than FSC but I shall miss it after many years of service! Tony
  15. Aha! Found it. Thank you very much. P3D certainly has very different file systems to FSX! Thanks for the help as always! Tony
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