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  1. Thanks Hans I will try that. Tony
  2. Did my first flight yesterday and all was good except that after take off I tried to engage the autopilot and it wouldn't stay on. I realised that I needed to ensure I was following the flight director paths before it would engage and indeed it did just that once I was settled in the climb out. However though the autopilot was engaged the autopilot alarm continued to "bleepadebleep" throughout the entire flight until I disengaged it on final approach having descended on the ILS. I tried using "Z" on my keyboard to shut it up but to no avail. Is there a switch somewhere to silence it? Thanks for all assistance. Tony
  3. It was my fault entirely Hans. I tried to follow the tutorial but must have missed the bit where you have to click "EXECUTE" on the FMC keyboard when you are prompted in the screen. In fairness the instruction on the screen isn't that obvious which is how I missed it. Anyway that's that problem solved. Thank you for the input! I managed a complete flight with just the problem of an autopilot alarm that wouldn't shut up! But I will make separate thread for that.
  4. Its ok Hans I have sorted the problem . I am sure you are very busy so no problem. Thanks for the discussion. Tony
  5. Hi Hans Any luck with trying this yet? Tony
  6. Hi Hans No problem. This is it. It loads into the FMC ok but just won't show on the map. I should add that I added the SID and STAR into it after the plan loaded. What you see here is the plan created for our VA when the new Jo'burg base was added at Xmas. In fairness it is the first time we have brought the CRJ900 into service with us and so we were relying on 3rd party software such as PFPX or FS Commander to create the FMC plans. We have no previous experience with the CRJ which we intend to use more widely across our worldwide regional bases which is why we need to get it right. [CoRte] ArptDep=FAOR RwyDep=FAOR03L ArptArr=FALE RwyArr=FALE06 ArptAltn=FAKN SID= SIDEnrTrans= STAR= EnrSTARTrans= STARApprTrans= APPR_Trans=VECTORS RwyArrFINAL=I06 CoRoute= FltNo=N922SB DctWpt1=APDAK DctWpt1Coordinates=-26.550983,29.047956 DctWpt2=AVAVA DctWpt2Coordinates=-26.915644,29.452808 DctWpt3=EVARI DctWpt3Coordinates=-27.680253,30.054219 DctWpt4=APKIK DctWpt4Coordinates=-28.330428,30.575878 DctWpt5=APMAT DctWpt5Coordinates=-28.789939,30.949897 [PerfData] CrzAlt=33000 CrzAltAltn=37000 PaxCnt=89 PaxWeight=175 CargoWeight=4376 FuelWeight=9777 WindDirClb=295 WindSpdClb=22 WindDirCrz=295 WindSpdCrz=27 WindDirDes=275 WindSpdDes=7 ISADev=13 ResFuel=2377 TaxiFuel=500 [VNAVData] TransAlt=8000 TransLvl=18000 Thanks Tony
  7. I had this on a previous thread but having read the thread again I decided it was inappropriate. Thus I start this new thread. I have got my VA company route to load via the FMS and even added the SID and STAR which shows just fine in the FMS. But I can't get it to show as a map on the MFD. I have toggled the Format/Range knob to make sure it is on MAP but absolutely no route shows. In fairness I am sure it is something I am not doing correctly but I have followed the manuals over and over again. Still nothing there. Any help gratefully received as always. Tony
  8. Hi all if I could enter this thread please. I have got my VA company route to load via the FMS and even added the SID and STAR which shows just fine in the FMS. But I can't get it to show on the MFD map. I have toggled the Format/Range knob to make sure it is on MAP but absolutely no route shows. Is this the same issue you guys are having?
  9. tonyc

    Fatal error when loading flight plan

    Ok Hans. It seems I can now enter the flight plan manually. So thanks a lot for the help it is very much appreciated! Next job is to see if our VA company FMC flight plans will install! All good fun! 😉
  10. tonyc

    Fatal error when loading flight plan

    Its ok Hans I didn't have experimental updates ticked! I will let you know what happens when these are installed. Thanks again. Tony
  11. tonyc

    Fatal error when loading flight plan

    Hi Hans Thanks for the reply. I have run my updater but it says this "Installed version: No updates available for this product!". Not sure where I go from there! Tony
  12. I am following the precise procedures from cold and dark but whenever I attempt to start filling in the flight plan "Origin" I get a "Fatal Error". I have tried in different aircraft states and various routes but having this all the time. Any help gratefully received!
  13. tonyc

    Mallorca X Evolution Upgrade

    OPabst Thanks for that I didn't even realise there was a Balearan Islands Evolution. Mind you perhaps there is a pointer for Aerosoft to mail everyone with an old product and tell them of an update. They may sell a lot more. But thanks again!
  14. I want to upgrade to this product and currently have Balearic Islands X. Simmarket are happy to provide this product at a discounted price for anyone who bought either Mallorca X or Balearic Islands X from them. Unfortunately I bought my Balearic X from the Aerosoft shop direct who will not provide this discounted price unless you have Mallorca X! How very strange that an external FS Shop is able to provide better deals than buying from Aerosoft directly. A lesson learnt for the future I guess! Buy any Aerosoft products at Simmarket and not from the Aerosoft shop!
  15. Mopperle I am retired so my time is not precious therefore your sarcasm is lost on me my friend! Thank you anyway for instructing me on the search engine which I was unaware of. Shame about the freighter not being modelled. Other aircraft types of similar size and even extended capacity have been made available by the relevant developers so those interested in cargo flying will doubtless opt for these rather than the A330.