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  1. Just to go back to the original reason for this thread. I managed my flight yesterday without a problem but turned off Active Sky (which I missed) and any of those sceneries I wasn't using. Even so over Northern Europe (probably because of Orbx EU the CPU was spiking up to 100% then settled down to 20 to 50%. I tried a flight before switching off Active Sky and the other sceneries where the CPU was running 90 to over 100% once in the cruise over Northern European mainland and ultimately crashed. My GPU was fine with constantly around 20 to 30%. Now I didn't have this problem until recently and so I am guessing the CRJ virtual has high useage but I also heard from a good friend who has been having a similar problem that a Windows 10 update in the last week, or so he had heard, was causing higher than normal CPU use. Anyway I guess a new CPU will be required at some point though I am certainly not splashing anymore cash on P3D products until 2020 is out and we know what spec is required for it. Thanks again everyone for the chat and advice. I really appreciate it. Tony
  2. Thanks Mathijs that again is a very sensible view. I was in contact with a well known developer (not one of yours but equally well known) who made it very clear that certain major scenery projects will not now go forward until 2020 is released. It seems to very much reflect the feelings of so many of us on the "customer" side who have spent already large sums of money "upgrading" from FSX to P3D or X Plane and now see this apparently amazing product coming out next year (from past experience I guess we all expect that to be the end of that year rather than the beginning!). So look at it from our perspective. Most of us are bound to keep our money in our pocket until this arrives which really isn't good for those on the development or sales side of things. I am the Ops Director in a fairly significant VA and have opened a thread in our forum on this very subject. It will be interesting to see people's views. I was thinking only yesterday it is a bit like Brexit. Whatever or whenever the outcome a great many people will not spend their money until they can see whether they can afford it. An odd comparison I know but I thought strangely linked in timeline at least.
  3. Thank you Mace that is really helpful. My "original" CPU is an Intel(R) Core (TM) i7 CPU 3.50 Ghz with 24 Gb RAM. I know my GPU is man enough as it is a fairly new NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6 Gb memory. I am not a techie unfortunately and like everyone else right now I am loathe to spend more money on my flight sim PC until MSFS 2020 comes out and we can all see just what our future platform demands are going to be. However if it needs upgrading then that is what I will have to do. Thanks again chaps. This is really helpful stuff. Tony
  4. Thanks Hans I did upgrade my PC this year but kept the old CPU so it could be that I suppose. I am still using 4.4. Didn't upgrade to 4.5 as yet! Tony
  5. I have made plenty of flights in the CRJ with no problem except the occasional hanging around busy scenery like Like but it usually recovers ok after a short time. For the second time though it has completely crashed P3Dv4 with an error saying "Stopped working". I was an hour or two into the flight and I did notice beforehand when looking at an external view the scenery from 35,000 ft did look unusually blurry. Perhaps this is a clue? I am really not technical at all when it comes to PC stuff but I did get this from my W10 "Event Viewer". Any help gratefully received! Prepar3D.exe 5bfdbb35 KERNELBASE.dll 10.0.17763.802 86aa4cf5 c0020001 0000000000039129 20d4 01d58290df0f9f8a C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll 7c00dce5-0f34-4297-96c5-b30439a42012
  6. Good grief your passengers must have a long walk to the aircraft! Sorry Emanuel - English sense of humour!
  7. Hi Hans All is good now. I actually downloaded the latest AIRAC and manually placed the contents into the correct folders. After this all the SIDs and STARs were there. Still missing a lot of airport stands and gates but as I say that isn't really a problem as I can use the last position reference into the GPS. Thanks for the chat and help! Tony
  8. Thanks Hans I have and I can only say it didn't work for me today. I will try again tomorrow. I did look in depth at the relevant Nav Data file in the Digital Aviation folder and I could see LOGA1H in there. I have updated the AIRAC this afternoon and we will see what happens! I will report back accordingly. Thanks again.
  9. I have now become very used to this aircraft and fly it a lot. However I have noticed numerous times that the FMC database seems to be missing an awful lot of information. First it started with the vast majority of airport stands were "not found in database" which honestly wasn't a big problem and easily overcome. However lately I have noticed that many of the SID and STAR options from and to airports are simply missing. One classic today was going into Heathrow from Dutch airspace the very famous LOGAN1H arrival simply wasn't in the database options which meant looking up the charts and manually inputting the waypoints which is a bit of a pain when flying the CRJ into busy online airspace. Even at my departure airport SIDs were missing which again I had to improvise with. I never have seen this before with the Aerosoft Airbus or other aircraft. I use Navigraph updates every month so it should have the whole navigation data available to it. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks as always.
  10. Oh I knew it Romano I just didn't action it!
  11. Yes doing the flight now and behaving perfectly. I know the problem (apart from me getting old). I have used the Aerosoft Airbuses since the first version and this is the first one that (quite rightly in tune with the real world) requires you to push the ALT knob. The others were always preset. Bad habits!!! Anyway this thread may be useful when someone else does the same thing. I doubt I am alone! Sorry to take up your time but thanks for the help anyway.
  12. Uggghh! I know what I didn't do! I can see it now in the screenshots! I didn't hit the Alt knob and put it into autopilot mode! What a prize *********! My mum said "Tony don't grow old it's no fun" and guess what? She was right!!!
  13. Ok so I tried again today and was meticulous in my set up. Loading the 3xx loadsheet to get the fuel weight and balance correct then following the correct checklist procedures. But once again as soon as I switch on autopilot it wants to climb the aircraft through the roof. If I leave auto thrust on and manually fly the route it will stay within limits. However if I manually take it right up to cruise then switch on autopilot again it climbs at 6/7000 ft/min then descends violently passing the cruise altitude and goes into high speed after which it pitches up passing cruise altitude again until it heads towards a stall. I am at a loss to know what I am doing wrong. I flew the old Airbus series including Extended and never had the same problem. Obviously there is something wrong or I am doing something wrong. Thanks for any help. Screenshots attached the first is in the initial climb after switching on the AP1. The second is where I have manually flown it to cruise (34,000 ft) then the third is what happens as soon as I switch on AP1 (or 2).
  14. It is the 321-211 CFM version. I will try the same flight tomorrow and see what happens. Also take a screenshot if it happens and post here. Thanks for the reply!
  15. I am using the A321 Professional for the first time (used the 318/19/20 lots of times. In the climb using autopilot and with Thrust Climb set suddenly decides to climb at a crazy rate and the speed drops until you have to disconnect the autopilot and manually fly it or stall! I flew it up to cruise altitude and switched the autopilot back on but again it pitches violently at crazy climb ascents then tries to correct descending in violent nose pitching down. Totally unflyable. What am I missing here? Never happened in all the Aerosoft Airbuses I have flown. Any assistance gratefully received!
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