Chuck Tannehill

London Heathrow Extended Always Snowing?

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There is nothing available in the scenery code, which can control the weather conditions. Looks more like an issue in the online weather for this area.

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Seasons are purely a function of your sim settings(Seasons selection), and precipitation is purely a function of the weather server, or weather engine if you have one.  From what I see, the season is either not set in the Sim (could also be the Scenery Config, I don't remember if the FSX version had a season in the Scenery Configurator or not).  Regarding the snow (precipitation), this is coming from either the weather server you're using or your weather engine.


Regarding the weather server... I don't recall if DoveTail games brought a weather server back for FSX:SE or not (my inclination is that they didn't), but Microsoft officially closed the weather servers some years ago when they stopped selling and supporting FSX.  If Dovetail didn't bring one online, then you're getting static (unchanging weather) in the sim.



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