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Antarctica4XPlane - Antarctica Scenery for X-Plane

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The antarctic adventures for X-Plane continue! First of all, I'd like to thank Aerosoft for the offer to host my Antarctica4XPlane terrain mesh sceneries for X-Plane as well as the official "info, discussion and support"-forum.


What is Antarctica4XPlane? A 3D visualization of the Antarctic continent, for use within the flight simulator X-Plane. It features a realistically shaped terrain model covered with a plausible texture set. The landscape is complemented with dozens of virtual research stations, base camps and airfields as an image of the real counterparts.




A brief history! On 17th April 2015 Nino published the idea of a virtual Antarctica, searching for technical assistance. Inspired by Nino’s idea, I begun to develop first terrain models. In parallel, third-parties begun to develop virtual research stations, base camps and airfields. In December 2015 I was able to release part 1 of Antarctica4XPlane, covering the South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. Followed in June 2016 by the release of part 2 of Antarctica4XPlane, covering Victoria Land and the northern parts of the Transantarctic Mountains. Since then, the terrain mesh scenery packages received annual updates and were complemented with new content. In January 2019, part 3 of Antarctica4XPlane was released: This latest part covers Coats Land and the western parts of Queen Maud Land.

Above links lead you to the download-options of the Antarctica4XPlane terrain meshes. Suitable add-ons (research stations, base camps and airfields) from third-parties, are listed on my website. I'm looking forward to your reviews and comments: Let's use this forum-thread for information, discussions and support around Antarctica4XPlane.

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