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  1. That's all great to hear and it's very good to know that things are still alive and stewing away! :) Question: what are some of the third party addons for this area in current develoment? On my home setup I've added things like the navaids at Rothera, scenery objects at View Point, Sky Blu, Fossil Bluff, etc... but so am wondering though if others are already doing this sort of detail work? In any event, 'will be _very_ eagerly looking forward to further updates, & many thanks again! ym
  2. I've been flightsimming since SubLogic days and have had an overwhelming passion for all things below S60 for equally long, so your scenery, coupled with orthos on a vr setup, has been nothing short of the best fs experience I've ever had! Thank you so very _very_ much for this extraordinary opportunity!! I've been having enormous fun virtually following the BAS in RWDesign's twotter, and have even had the idea for doing a transpolar hop after having established my own virtual field camp in the environs of the Vinson Massif... unfortunately, your current packages don't cover this area...
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