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New Airbus A350 1.5 Beta

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Hi all:


I have read in XPLANE.ORG, that there is a new version (1.5 Beta) of the FF A350,


But I do not see in the Aerosoft Dowload page, (perhaps cause it is a Beta Versión). Are there any way of download it? i would like to update it, but seems it is via the updater software only, (the one that it is in the aircraft's plane and only works if the plane was bought at XPLANE.ORG, cause it is a Beta version. .  


Thank in advance


José M. Plasencia

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keep in mind:

The X-Updater only works at the time with X-Plane org.

Purchased with aerosoft you always get updates with your Aerosoft shop account as fullversions.

The Beta v1.50 for the A350 has bug's at the time. It's a beta.

So I think we don't have uploaded the v1.50 ...


Greets Heinz


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