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Screen popups and moving them ?

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Hi all 😃


I'm running three monitors across and a fourth underneath the centre screen (Windows sees it as being on the far right). I normally have the VC across the main three and I move the PFD and ND side by side to occupy the fourth screen. Using the PMDG aircraft this works really well even if I have to set it up each time I fly.


Struggling to achieve the same with the 'bus. I can obviously pop up the PFD but I'm struggling to actually move it. On the PMDG aircraft, as long as I'm careful and stay close to the edge of screen I can click and drag and it moves (or resizes if I'm right on the edge of the screen). Here, I can;t find the sweet spot to allow me to drag - any click seems to close it.


Any help available ?


many thanks


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And before I waste anyone's time, I can pick them up and move them around but they stay on the central screen and won't move to another screen. Note I'm running viewgroups with three separate views (outer screens are angled at 45 degrees)



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I am pretty sure that that is standard P3D behavior and not affected by the add-on. 

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To accomplish this, you can place your mouse on the bottom of the PFD.  Also, I'm pretty sure you know this but for the benefit of anyone who might read this thread in the future, you have to undock the 2D window in P3D before you can move it to another display.


Best wishes!


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